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Cardiovascular diseases have become the number one cause of global deaths. They take around 18 million lives every year which is 31% of total yearly deaths. A number of medical conditions fall in this class of diseases that include: hypertension, heart attacks, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, heart failure, rheumatic heart disease, congenital heart disease, and cardiomyopathies.

The increasing unhealthy lifestyle choices along with increasing mental stress among people is likely to aggravate this number further. In the circumstances, there is a huge demand for cardiovascular drugs in the global pharmaceutical market. The affordability of these drugs is also a major issue as a large chunk of the patients are from the middle class.

As cardiovascular drug suppliers and manufacturers, Actiza Pharmaceuticals PVT. LTD takes the responsibility to produce the best quality CVD drugs at the most affordable prices. Our manufacturing process is carried out in world-class facilities that are certified by US FDA and WHO GMP. So, you can be ensured to get genuine products only if you are choosing us for your pharmaceutical services.

Cardiovascular Drugs Exporters

Actiza Pharma is a well-known exporter of cardiovascular drugs for the USA, UK, Philippines, South East Asia, Africa, Cambodia, Vietnam and Gulf countries. We are also among the top cardiovascular drug wholesalers in India.

The punctuality of our order executions and the flexibility that we provide to our clients separates us from the rest of our competitors. Along with our services, we also provide family-like customer support to our clients to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

If you are also looking for the supply of quality cardiovascular drugs then you can surely contact us for further details.