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Trusted Pharmaceutical Exporter to Philippines from India

Actiza Pharmaceuticals is one of the top suppliers of pharmaceutical products in the Philippines. Being a WHO-GMP certified company, we supply high-quality generics, OTC drugs, and health supplements. We have a wide range of products and our medicines come in various dosage forms. All these are manufactured at our world-class facility in India and then exported to the Philippines.

Being one of the reputed pharmaceutical wholesalers in Philippines, we make every possible effort to satisfy our customers. We provide the most punctual deliveries and our customer support is unparalleled. At Actiza Pharma, we carefully analyze the need of our customers while keeping in mind the current market scenario, and then provide them with the best pharmaceutical solutions that fit their needs.

The use of state-of-art technology in manufacturing, along with the contributions from a highly skilled workforce, enables us to supply our products at the most competitive prices without any compromise in quality. As a result of our excellent services, our market share in the Philippines has multiplied by many folds over the years.

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    In a very short time span, we have crisscrossed the Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle-East, USA, Sri Lanka, Africa, CIS countries and many more.


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    With over 2000 products across more than 20 categories, we offer you depth and variety



    We fulfill every requirement: SOPs, BSE, TSE, COO, Mol, CoA, CoPP, GSDP, FIFO


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    We guarantee 24hrs turnaround for all RFQs with a dedicated team for overseas trade.


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    Our researches and achievements have grown popular among media channels and other niche platforms.

    Pharmaceutical Industry In Philippines Overview: Role of Indian Imports

    India has been one of the biggest pharmaceutical partners of Philippines and accounts for almost 12.6 percent of the total pharmaceutical imports into the country. Global Data predicts that the pharmaceutical market in Philippines will grow to reach $3.7 billion, in 2025 after the introduction of the UHC Act in Feb’ 2019. This will enable a further increase in the already high Indian pharmaceutical imports.

    Indian generics entered the Philippines market after the introduction of the Generics Act in 1988, and since then, they witnessed an upward uptake trend in this import driven market. The primary reason for this dominance of Indian imports is their cost-effectiveness. These Indian pharmacies get access to low-cost raw materials and a skilled workforce which enables them to supply products at most competitive prices while maintaining the quality.

    As a result, it is much more viable for the pharmacies to outsource their products from India, rather than relying on the pharmaceutical manufacturers in Philippines.

    Being one of the Indian companies in the pharma market of Philippines, Actiza Pharmaceuticals get a definite competitive advantage above others. We get the opportunity to collaborate with one of the top pharmacies in the country, and our client base is increasing day by day. If you also have a pharmaceutical business in Philippines and want to partner with us, you can feel free to contact us.

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