Services We Offer

Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. offers various manufacturing and related services that a well-established pharma company would provide.

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Third-party manufacturing,
  • Export
  • Supplying
  • Dossier  
  • Regulatory support
  • Packaging
  • Storage
  • Network of carrier services  

Actiza Pharmaceutical’s manufacturing is consistently outperforming with growth every year. We use only certified raw materials and ingredients to prepare all the medicinal forms aimed at the betterment of the health of humankind.

We use futuristic technologies and high-end infrastructure to manufacture the best quality products to be exported and supplied by Actiza Pharmaceutical. Besides our products, we are leaders in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and third-party manufacturing services that ensure several related services, such as regulatory services, legal solutions, patient registration, and formulations for new medicines. Because of all these in-house facilities, we are able to curtail costs, increase flexibility, and empower external expertise, all within deadlines and at the lowest possible rates. These services will enrich our clients’ experience when doing business with us at all levels.

Regulatory services have been one of the core reasons that made us a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer with our extensive, appropriate, and detailed documentation about the products that are being manufactured here. These include administrative information, quality data, non-clinical study reports, and clinical study reports for different countries.

Dossier writing is a sub-domain that we specialize in, and the reason for it is the experts that we have in our company and the associates that we have developed through these years who are capable of creating dossiers for all medicines.

Our packaging and storage departments comply with each medicine’s technical and scientific specifications based on various requirements.

Our delivery network is of international standards, with vehicle facilities that suit different medicine forms and monitor them at each delivery stage. Our associates and we work shoulder to shoulder to give the best delivery experience in all corners of the world.

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