Trusted Pharmaceutical Exporter to Africa from India

Actiza Pharmaceuticals is well known for its pharma exports to Africa. We have grown our export network over the years to reach several African countries including South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Burundi, Madeira, Comoros, Mauritius and many more.

Our products include branded and generic medicines that come in various forms and dosages. In-house manufacturing of all the pharma products is carried out in the manufacturing cum research facility of Actiza Pharmaceuticals. The skilled R & D team along with ultra-modern machinery ensures that you get the best quality product at the most competitive prices. Our product quality is certified by reputed organizations like WHO-GMP standards and our delivery is hassle-free and on time.

With vast experience in the field of pharma exports and tons of positive feedbacks from our clients, we promise you the best possible customer experience. If you have any further queries about our export services for Africa, you can feel free to contact us. We are keen to answer all your queries.

What is the Role of an Indian Pharmaceutical Company in Africa?

The African population is increasing rapidly. Consequently, the number of senior citizens also increases. Hence, Africa is likely to face a lot of age-related health problems in the coming 30 years. The middle-class in African countries comprise a major chunk of the modern population.

  • Health Challenges in Africa:

This increases the risk of heart disorders, obesity, and other lifestyle diseases. In addition to it, the tropical climate makes Africa a host of deadly infectious diseases like cholera, polio, malaria, tuberculosis, etc. As a result, improvement in the pharma sectors of African countries is the need of the hour. 

  • Current State of the Pharmaceutical Sector in Africa:

However, the current scenario is not very promising. Weak education and lack of qualified pharmacies are causing hindrance in the medical upliftment of African countries.

The only way out is the involvement of international players. This will boost allied domestic industries, as the new entrants will need to tie-up with local businesses of manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. The result will be an improved pharmaceutical ecosystem in Africa.

  • Benefits of Indian Pharma Companies’ Involvement:

The partnership of African suppliers with Indian exporters can be particularly beneficial. Indian pharma companies have the unique ability to produce high-quality generics at the most affordable prices. 

These generics may prove to be life-saving for the vast African population that is still living in poverty. The involvement of Indian companies will create a win-win situation for the common Africans by providing them access to all those medicines that were previously not available. With about 20% of India’s pharma exports going to African countries, Indian pharma companies become crucial for medical upliftment in Africa.

How to Import Medicine from India to Africa?

There is a need for the right method to export medicine from India and here we as a pharma manufacturer, undertake the required ones. Understand the pharmaceutical regulations and import requirements of both India and the specific African country you intend to import medicines to.

Quality Assurance: 

Ensure that the medicines meet quality standards set by regulatory authorities, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and quality certifications like WHO Prequalification or ISO standards.

  • Quality standards and regulatory certifications.
  • Identify reputable pharmaceutical suppliers in India.
  • Import/export documentation and facilitate customs clearance.
  • Establish distribution channels
  • Maintain proper storage conditions throughout the supply chain.
  • Stay informed about changes in pharmaceutical regulations.
  • Seek feedback and continuously improve the import process.

Actiza pharma Manufacturer & Exporter:

Actizapharma, the leading pharmaceutical company based in India, exports a diverse range of medications from India to Africa. This is mainly done upon meeting international standards and also regulatory requirements.

However, we take command towards innovation, research, and development, we deliver therapeutic solutions to easily address the healthcare requirements of African people.

So, adopting the services of Actizapharma won’t let you feel demise, but to strengthen your mind and in turn life.

Why Choose Actizapharma for Importing Pharmaceutical Products?

  • Delivering to over 50 countries :

Actizapharma is one of the well-known Pharma exporters in India for Africa. This mainly includes African countries like Madeira, Mauritius, Algeria, Uganda, Sudan, Zambia, South Africa, Libya, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia, Comoros, Burundi, and Egypt.

  • Ensuring punctual delivery :

Being a Pharma Manufacturer in India, we believe in punctual deliveries of your medications from the time you order. We follow streamlined supply and logistics management and ensure your products reach your destinations easily without any delay (this is majorly nationally or internationally).

  • Serving more than 100 satisfied clients :

Actiza Pharma as a Medicine manufacturer & Exporter in India, has served clients globally. This has made us cross 100+ upon delivering high-quality pharmaceutical products and even exceptional customer support upon making us the top Medicine manufacturer & Exporter in India.

  • Providing the most hassle-free experience in the export business :

When it comes to easy ongoing experience in the export business we offer a hassle-free transaction process. This helps towards the reliable delivery of pharmaceutical products.

  • Offering world-class product quality :

We have been determined to be one of the top pharmaceutical industries in Africa for delivering world-class quality products. We know what makes up good health and we do not want you to compromise with the quality of your life.

  • Implementing the best storage and transportation practices :

We take command of humidity control as well to prevent moisture-related damage. In another case, when it comes to moving as a pharma Exporter, we make use of temperature control vehicles and this is to maintain the required temperature during transportation.

Utilizing premium packaging to prevent damage :

We opt for high-quality packaging material and this depends upon the requirements of the products. This helps us to deliver your product safely to you upon maintaining the product.

Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Exports from India to Africa

Overview of the Pharmaceutical Market Size in African Countries

Africa faces numerous healthcare issues, from high disease burdens and limited access to services, to inadequate infrastructure. Pharmaceutical industries play a vital role in providing essential medicines, vaccines and healthcare products – but affordability remains a significant barrier in many African nations.

According to recent estimates, Africa’s pharmaceutical market is estimated at roughly $28.56 billion and includes generic medications and brand name pharmaceutical products.

Healthcare Challenges in Africa:

Limited Access to Essential Medicines: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 50 % of African populations do not have access to essential medicines.

Population Growth: As well as high drug costs that often remain out of reach for many African nations, population growth in Africa is projected to hit 2.5 billion by 2050 and increase the demand for healthcare services and medication significantly.

Urbanization: Rapid urbanization is leading to lifestyle changes and an increase in non-communicable diseases, boosting the need for pharmaceutical products.

Economic Growth: Rising income levels and an expanding middle class are making healthcare and pharmaceutical products more affordably available than ever.

Shortage of Skilled Healthcare Professionals: Africa currently suffers from an acute lack of highly trained healthcare providers – from doctors, nurses and pharmacists – across different healthcare professions, particularly among doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Migration patterns compound this situation further as healthcare workers leave to higher income countries seeking better opportunities. This deficit cannot continue unchecked

Indian Pharmaceutical Companies: Overview

Over recent decades, India’s pharmaceutical industry has enjoyed exponential growth thanks to factors like an efficient regulatory structure, skilled workforce and strong research and development capabilities.

Indian pharmaceutical companies are renowned for producing high-quality generic medicines at affordable prices.

Leading Player: Actiza Pharma

Actizapharma is an leader in the global pharmaceutical market, exporting high-quality generic medications to various African nations.

Promising Future in Africa:

Looking ahead, Indian pharmaceutical companies in Africa seem poised for success. Indian pharmaceutical companies can effectively meet healthcare needs across Africa by capitalizing on digital technologies, investing in research and development efforts, and cultivating strategic relationships – such as Actizapharma. 

Indian Pharmaceutical Market in Africa

Getting ahead towards reaching the Pharmaceutical Export for Africa services requires maintaining all of the policies and guidelines and this is what we follow. With Africa’s pharmaceutical market projected to experience significant expansion over the coming years, Indian firms should find ample opportunity to expand their presence and portfolio within this growing marketplace.

Ensuring to present a symbiotic relationship aimed at improving healthcare both access and even outcomes. Upon research, we found that Africa continues to address the healthcare challenges.

This capability is crucial for African populations, many of whom live in poverty and lack access to essential medications. Indian companies already account for about 20% of pharmaceutical exports to Africa, highlighting their critical role in the region’s healthcare system.

Hence, here we continue to be the reliable partner from India to approach the healthcare needs of Africa even along with promoting sustainable development. Indian pharmaceutical companies have made significant contributions to healthcare in Africa. Through partnerships with local distributors and healthcare providers, they have ensured the Availability of affordable medicines across the continent.

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