Contract Manufacturing in India

The world of Contract Manufacturing in India and the Role Actiza Pharmaceutical is Playing

The concept of contract manufacturing is old, but it made its mark at the end of the 20th century. Today, contract manufacturing has become one of the most essential things for all businesses. Especially for the pharmaceutical sector, it has worked like magic. The exponential growth of the healthcare sector has been due to the availability of contract manufacturing players. Almost 50% of pharmaceutical production is done through contract manufacturing in most of the countries. India has emerged as a giant in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. is playing an important part in this Indian growth story by serving more than 40 countries.   

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    Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

    There are tons of benefits to subscribing to Actiza Pharmaceutical’s contract manufacturing services, which will give you products and services at reduced costs. That way, a new client can quickly enter the market, which is ideal for start-ups and small businesses. For existing businesses, contract manufacturing with Actiza Pharmaceutical gives flexibility, faster turnaround, improvement in manufacturing time, and the opportunity to scale the business by investing tons of money in building manufacturing units.

    With contract manufacturing, a business can focus on core competencies as the headache of manufacturing is assigned. Other than this, a business will maximize its profits and match deadlines. At the same time, the business will produce high-quality products using Actiza Pharmaceutical’s expertise. 

    Contract Manufacturing Service by Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.

    Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. provides contract manufacturing and related services that include End-to-End manufacturing, private-label manufacturing, and white-label manufacturing. Here are some of the general services that we provide to our customers; once we understand the needs of the client, we customize the services for each client.

    Our Services:   

    1. Manufacturing pharmaceutical product line

    2. Pharmaceutical export

    3. Contract Manufacturing 

    4. Third-party manufacturing 

    5. Regulatory support:

    • Providing assistance on scientific restrictions and regulatory requirements
    • Scientific data gathering, organizing, and evaluating
    • Submitting documents to regulatory agencies and related work with marketing authorization for pharmaceutical products.
    • Advice on national regulation for pharmaceutical drug RA issues
    • Dossier creation for market authorizations of healthcare products
    • Applications for marketing authorization for pharmaceuticals

    6. Manufacturing related service:  

    • Customs-Related Procedures
    • Intellectual Property Registration
    • Patent
    • Cross-Border Data Flows 

    7. Packaging 

    8. Storage 

    9. Shipping with all legal processes 

    Actiza Pharmaceutical’s Process of Manufacturing

    Understanding the product

    Actiza Pharmaceutical’s experts will understand the needs of the client and the product with a 360-degree perspective; this is the first step of the process of manufacturing any product. We know the formulations and legality of the product along with what will be the requirements from a manufacturing point of view. The next step will be an internal meeting with the core team and HODs of all departments to pass on the information to prepare for production.


    After all the discussion, scheduling of the manufacturing takes place where, with the coordination of all the departments, a date gets fixed to take the product under production. Our production managers examine the current manufacturing processes and set a schedule to include new products in the production line, and all the production units are informed of the same. The date will be communicated to the company management and clients as well, so the client always knows which stage the product is at. 

    Arrangements of Raw Materials

    Arranging raw materials for production is done well in advance, so there should not be any delay because of this reason. There are many regulatory that need to be followed and tests that need to be done on the raw materials that are acquired, as sometimes the quality of raw materials is compromised from the dealer side. Actiza Pharmaceutical is very clear and straightforward about raw materials; we never compromise on raw materials. We do whatever to get the best quality, or we don’t start the production. 

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process steps

    • Creating formulations
    • Drug blending – mixer stability,
    • Drug coating –
    • Serialization
    • Serialization labels

    Quality Control

    The quality control department is dedicated to looking for two major things in a product: whether the product is safe for the health with desired efficacy, consistency, and the client’s need and whether the manufacturing process has followed the set regulations or not. Experts at the department will do a lot of tests and inspections on the first testing batch, and if reports are normal, then only further production will be green light; otherwise, the new set of production lines will be advised.

    Contract Manufacturing-Related Services

    With contract manufacturing services, Actiza Pharmaceutical also offers some related services that give us an edge as a complete service provider.

    Assistance in Research and Development of Products

    Our highly professional teams at Actiza Pharmaceutical assist our clients in the research and development of their products. Many clients come up with a map of a product that needs to be polished with extra research and development, and that is what exactly we do.  When clients show a requirement for product development, our expert teams work thoroughly on it and create a product that stands out in the market.   

    Suggestions for Design Improvement

    We suggest improvement in the design of the product and its packaging whenever we feel it is necessary from the customer’s point of view. A good product must look good as well; it will always improve customer’s confidence and trust. Actiza Pharmaceutical has a great design team that understands different products and market needs and, based on that, suggests a suitable design for the product.

    Building Prototypes

    Building prototypes before mass manufacturing to understand the product and its efficacy is an old practice now, and at Actiza Pharmaceutical, we give this service to new and existing clients who want to come up with new medicines and related devices. By building prototypes, the company can understand whether the product will take shape precisely the way it looks on paper. Prototypes are also helpful in running tests and experiments on medicines and related devices to check their usability, viability, and other factors before taking them into the manufacturing process.


    Actiza Pharmaceutical also offers the service of assembling products that are manufactured in different parts. We have a dedicated expert team for the same, which will understand the product and the requirements of the client and work accordingly. Actiza’s plant is equipped with high-end machines to perform jobs of any size and complexity.  


    Our packaging department has advanced machines and a trained workforce with experts looking over the work and its timely completion. More than 80% of the packaging department is automated, which increases our efficiency, and we are able to send products for shipping on time. Our sources of packaging materials have been working with us since our inception, and we never miss a delivery because of a lack of materials.

    Handling Product Warehouse and Distribution

    Product warehousing and distribution include the facility of storage and transport of products of different kinds and natures. Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. is capable enough to provide these services to each of our clients who have diverse product needs. We have a full capacity of storage with a controlled temperature area, which is spreading to host a vast amount of products for both in-house products and for our clients as well. On the other side, our transportation department is equipped with enough vehicles to deliver products to their shipment area from our facilities. Our associates will further ship the products to various countries.   

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