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Painkillers constitute a major chunk of the pharmaceutical industry. They are used to treat mild to moderate pain and thus, also known as pain killers. They come in a varied range which includes aspirin, paracetamol, analgesics NSAIDs, opioids drugs, etc.

If you are looking for high-quality analgesic medicines then Actiza Pharmaceuticals can be a good choice. We are certified by US FDA, WHO-GMP, and ISO and we deal with a variety of pain killer medicines. Our analgesics come in different dosages and different forms like tablets,
capsules, oral liquids, topical solutions, injectables, etc. All these are manufactured at our high-quality manufacturing facility in Gujrat, India.

Leading Analgesic Drug Exporters

Actiza pharma is a well-known name among the analgesic drug suppliers and exporters. Our analgesic export network is spread across a wide range of counties which includes Gulf countries, South East Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada, and Latin America.

With the growth of the market for analgesics over the years, we are dedicated to providing you the best analgesics at most affordable rates. Along with on-time delivery, we also promise dedicated customer assistance for a much more enhanced experience of our clients.
If you are looking for genuine manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of analgesics, you can feel free to contact us. You can also check our product list given below to get detailed information about our services.