Diclofenac Injection

Product/Composition:- Diclofenac Injection
Strength:- 75mg
Form:- Injection
Production Capacity 10 Million Injection/Month
Therapeutic use:- Analgesic
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request


Diclofenac Injection is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is injected into your vein for providing relief against various pain, stiffness, swelling, or joint pain that may cause due to various conditions including acute musculoskeletal injuries, Arthritis, joint pain, and many more.

Diclofenac Injection manufacturers

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What is Diclofenac Injection?

Diclofenac Injection is an anti-inflammatory drug that needs to be injured in the vein of an individual under medical supervision. Diclofenac is a prescribed injection that is FDA approved and predominantly suggested by the physician to treat various inflammation and pain or swelling caused in different parts of your body.

Benefits of Diclofenac Injection

Diclofenac Injection uses in providing relief against the pain swelling or various inflammatory conditions that may affect the muscles and joints of an individual. This injection should be used by adults only under medical supervision by getting themselves treated for various inflammatory conditions including acute musculoskeletal injuries, Arthritis, and joint pain.


The dosage of taking Diclofenac Injection should be according to your doctor’s prescription. The doctor is the individual who will suggest the Diclofenac Injection dose for adults as it is mainly suggested to be used by adults only. For taking the ideal dose you must take it under the administration of a doctor or nurse because this is the injection that is not known for self-administration. When you intake this injection under medical supervision so in such a situation you will not be worried about overdose or missed those of the medicine.

Diclofenac Injection wholesale

Diclofenac Injection is one of the most famous anti-inflammatory injection available on the market for the treatment of inflammation, and swelling and act as a pain reliever. As most of the retailer’s Pharmaceutical stores sell this tablet so they must be looking for a Diclofenac Injection wholesaler. With us, you will be able to get the bulk quantity of Diclofenac at a very affordable rate. We are also known for distributing the medicine to other countries which is why we are recognized as the leading Diclofenac Injection exporters.

Side Effects

Diclofenac Injection side effects do not pose many negative effects on your body as it is the safest FDA-approved injection available on the market. As it is the safest injection that is why most of the side effects caused by this injection do not require serious medical attention. Once your body gets habitual the symptoms of Side Effects disappear after some time. However, it is also advisable to consult your doctor if any of the symptoms persist for a longer duration in your body. Some of the most common side effects caused by Injection include the following:

  • Headache
  • Itching
  • Dizziness
  • Pain in extremities
  • Edema
  • Face swelling
  • Redness, swelling, or pain
  • Flatulence
  • Nausea etc.

Where to buy Diclofenac Injection online?

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Diclofenac Injection Review

Check the authenticity of any medicine review plays a vital role. Diclofenac Injection reviews mentioned on the Actiza Pharma website are very positive which shows that it is one of the safest injections available to treat anti-inflammation problems. The reviews mention by the consumer of this injection safe that they feel release against their problem in a very short period which is why they recommended this injection to be used by the individuals suffering from inflammation problems and pain or swelling in a different part of their body.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Diclofenac work?

Diclofenac Injection is an anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drug that comes in the form of injection. This injection starts its working by blocking the release of certain substances or chemical messenger that is the main reason for the causing redness, swelling, inflammation, or pain to your body.

How to use Diclofenac Injection?

Diclofenac Injection is advisable to be used under the supervision of a doctor or nurse only as this injection is injected into your vein. This injection is not known for self-administration and you need proper medical supervision for consuming or using Diclofenac.

What are the common drug interactions?

It is always advisable to consult with your doctor regarding your present medication so that he will be able to discover the possible drug interaction and suggest you take Diclofenac Injection or not. Some of the following medicines are said to modify the effect of Diclofenac and show undesirable symptoms of side effects. Such medicines are metamizole, nimesulide, nitroglycerine, and oxyphenbutazone.

Is Diclofenac Injection safe to be used by a breastfeeding mother?

Some of the ingredients of the injection may pass with the breast milk showing undesirable or negative effects on the growing baby. Therefore it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting taking Diclofenac Injection.

Is Diclofenac help with menstrual cramps?

As Diclofenac Injection is used as a pain reliever and to treat inflammation problems, but there is no information available regarding the use of this injection to treat menstrual cramps. To discover more about it you are advised to consult your doctor.