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Pharmaceutical Suppliers in Poland

We’re one of the most recognized pharmaceutical suppliers in Poland distributing a variety of medicines. We manage the backdrop activities for the pharmaceutical companies who are struggling hard for profits.

We ensure that the medicines are safe to handle & use since its making. The impressive packaging & standardized quality at unbelievable prices will leave you stunned.

One of the Best Pharmaceutical Exporters in Poland for Standardized Medicines

We take pride to be one of the best pharmaceutical exporters in Poland who fulfils active pharmaceutical ingredient needs. Delivering the best-in-class medicines to Poland, we choose to stick to standardization norms for quality assurance. We have been exporting medicaments to leading companies, thus reducing the production costs.

Pharmaceutical Market in Poland:

It has been found that the pharmaceutical industry in Poland is growing at a faster rate. It is quite a dynamic developing sector that we have noticed.

Pharma industry in Poland- estimated market size :

Accordingly, it has been witnessed that in 2023, the total value of the market exceeded 50 billion and this is nearly (US$13.6 billion).

However, there are some of the key features that are driving the market size of the pharmaceutical industry in Poland. The factors contribute to an ageing population, increment towards disposable incomes, and even the rising government expenditure on healthcare.

Estimated market value of Poland :

The pharma company has undertaken significant growth and also it is determined to be the largest market in central and Eastern Europe.

It was stated in 2021, the value was approx. USD 15.6 billion. But the growth continues to rise and is expected to continue.

We have found out that the market could also reach USD 23.8 billion by 2026 and USD 33.3 billion by 2031 and this is following Regulatory compliance pharmaceutical export.

Actizapharma Leaders In The Pharmaceutical Market In Poland

When you are looking to determine the top pharmaceutical industry in Poland, then one name you will find is Actizapharma.

We are one of the renowned companies with an extensive range of pharma products like antibiotics, antivirals and other drugs imported to various countries as well.

Since we emphasize quality and meeting the compliance of industry standards.

How to export medicine from India to Poland?

When it comes to exporting medicine from India to Poland, then we ensure to delivery of Quality pharmaceutical products and make them more accessible.

By taking command of all of the regulatory guidelines and compliance we deliver different healthcare medications to the European market. This simply indicates we have manufacturing to export licence, the complete market authorization and complete logistics and documentation details.

Statistical Overview of the Pharmaceutical Sector of POLAND

The market value in Poland has exceeded PLN 50 billion (around USD 12.5 billion) in 2023​. However, the sector employs around 28K people and this is along with the increasing number of companies.

Since the pharma companies consist of both generic and branded medications and provide affordable deals.

This in turn focuses on the support of Poland’s healthcare needs.

Most Common Medicines Types Exported by Actizapharma to Countries of Poland

Actizapharma is one of the top names when it comes to delivering medicine to countries like Poland. There is no doubt when you will search you will get the name on top.

However, being the Generic medicine manufacturer & supplier in India we have different medications to supply with complete safety and assurance. This means that even while in Poland, you can extend your hands to sort out your medical needs.

Dosage Forms of Drugs Exported by Actizapharma to POLAND

Actizapharma exports a wide range of dosage to Poland and this helps to support the healthcare easily. 

This mainly includes:

  • Tablet
  • Capsule
  • Injection
  • Creams / Ointment
  • Drops
  • Gel
  • Suspension / syrup
  • Nasal Drops/Sprays
  • Infusion
  • Inhaler
  • Lotion

And more.

All of the above forms of drugs can be easily obtained with us along with the best in class Customer support pharmaceutical export to even solve all of your queries in one go.

What makes us Recognized Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in Poland?

Looking for an affordable pharmaceutical wholesaler in Poland? We’re here! All we do for you is take up bulk orders, handle batch production/contract manufacturing & safe packaging to dispatch services.

Share your requirements and our experts will seal the deal with best-priced medicines developed using advanced technologies. You’ll only have to supply them online or at local medicine stores without compromising on profits.

Channelizing Pharmaceutical Export from India to Poland with Quality & Affordability

Pharmaceutical export from India to Poland is mostly carried out to cure the health of the citizens. Most manufacturers in Poland fail to gain expected profits. On the other hand, laymen can’t avail of better medicines at the prices they can afford. We’re the middle way out benefitting both ends.

From regular medicines to special requirements for treating severe health issues, we manufacture it all. We specialize in Antibiotics, Analgesics, ED pills, and similar medicines. Our promising medicine manufacturing also covers Anti-cancer, Anti-diabetic, Nephrology, and more of such critical health issues that require treatment as soon as possible.

Thanks to the feasibility of global trade, we can help you out to gain profits by supplying budgetary medicines to end-users. We’ve worked with the pharmaceutical industry in Poland & this fuels us to produce medicines at low prices so that no one remains when it comes to the basic needs of health care.

We’re available to push your medicinal business to new heights. Reach out now!

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