Aspirin Tablets

Product/Composition:- Aspirin Tablets
Strength:- 75mg, 150mg, 325mg
Form:- Tablets
Production Capacity 10 Million Tablets/Month
Packaging:- 10 X 10 Tablets / Box
Therapeutic use:- Analgesic
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request


Aspirin tablets are salicylate prescribed by the physician and doctor for the treatment of inflammation fever and pain that cause in different parts of your body. Aspirin tablet manufacturers in India by the leading pharmaceutical company that is known for producing various anti-inflammatory drugs for their clients that helps them to get rid of inflammation, fever, and pain caused in their body.

Aspirin tablets manufacturers

If you are someone who is looking for an Aspirin tablets supplier as your doctor has suggested consuming this medicine to treat various inflammatory conditions then you can trust Actiza Pharma as they are recognized as a leading Aspirin tablets manufacturer. They are known for manufacturing these tablets in bulk quantity so that they will be able to supply them to their clients in the country and also to the clients who are deciding far away from them conveniently and easily.

What are Aspirin tablets?

Aspirin tablets belong to a non-steroid anti-inflammatory group of medicine that is predominantly used to treat the problems caused by inflammation in your body. It is an FDA-approved medicine suggested by the doctor to be used to get relief from various inflammatory conditions suffered by an individual for a very long.

Benefits of Aspirin tablets

Aspirin tablets provide beneficial results as they are helpful in the treatment of an inflammatory condition in your body. It is used to reduce fever or treat pain or inflammation caused in different parts of your body. Along with the treatment of inflammatory conditions these medicines are also used to treat or prevent chest pain, strokes, or heart attacks in certain conditions. Aspirin tablets help in blocking certain substances that make cause inflammation in your body and further help in reducing swelling and pain.


You are physician may suggest the right dose to take Aspirin tablets to get yourself treated for various inflammatory conditions. It is always a good idea to trust your doctor with the recommended doses and never to overdose or underdose the medicine. The right way of consuming the medicine helps you a lot to enjoy long-term benefits from it. As it is an orally prescribed medicine so you need to swallow the whole tablet with the help of any liquid beverage at the scheduled time suggested by your doctor.

Missed dose

You should always listen to and follow the instruction and Scheduled suggested by your physician for taking Aspirin tablets. If you forget to take the medicine at the scheduled time then in such a situation you need to take it as soon as you discover the missed dose.


If someone has taken an overdose of Aspirin tablets then he may be in a problematic situation and have to suffer from various serious symptoms like trouble breathing. So in such a situation, he needs to contact the poison control center or nearby doctor to safeguard themselves from any hazardous effects.

Aspirin tablets wholesale

Most of the wholesalers dealing with the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug are looking for Aspirin tablets wholesalers so that they will be able to get bulk quantity medicine from them at an affordable price. In this regard, you can trust Actiza Pharma as they are the online and leading wholesaler of these tablets who are known for delivering the medicine to their client’s place conveniently.

Aspirin tablet’s side effects

Aspirin tablets are an FDA-approved medicine so it is considered to be safe to use by people. However, you should always be well aware of certain symptoms of Side Effects so that you will be able to take some precautions beforehand. Following are some symptoms of side effects caused by consuming Aspirin tablets.

  • Heartburn
  • Swelling in face
  • Itching
  • Allergic reactions etc.

Where to buy Aspirin tablets online?

Actiza Pharma is the trusted website where most individuals buy Aspirin tablets online. This website is known for selling prescribed and non-prescribed medicine at a very affordable rate that is why the Aspirin tablet’s price is also very affordable here so that you will get your medicine at a very cost-effective rate.

Aspirin tablets reviews

The reviews placed by customers play a vital role to get an idea about The authenticity of the product. Aspirin tablet reviews are very positive on the Actiza Pharma website, where most of its consumer says that it is the best anti-inflammatory drug available in the market to treat certain condition in their body.

Frequently asked questions :

How to store Aspirin tablets?

The storage of Aspirin tablets should be like any other medicine which needs to be stored in a cool place where the temperature should not be more than 30 degrees Celsius. It always needs to take care that medicines should be stored away from the reach of children and pets.

How to take Aspirin tablets?

As discussed above Aspirin tablets are orally prescribed medicine which is why a single tablet needs to be swallowed with the help of water. Most doctors suggested taking this medicine after taking your meal to enjoy long-term benefits.

Are Aspirin tablets safe to be used by a pregnant woman?

A pregnant woman needs to consult with her doctor before starting her medication with any medicine so with the Aspirin tablets. It is very important to discuss the risk and benefits associated with the medicine otherwise the growing baby have to suffer from hazardous and negative effects.

What are the common drug interactions?

Some of the medicine which may interact negatively with Aspirin tablets are Coumadin, Warfarin, Jantoven, KneeRelief, Pamprin cramp Formula, and many more.

Do Aspirin tablets help with menstrual cramps?

As Aspirin tablets may be used as a pain reliever which is why this sometimes helps in providing relief against menstrual pain. This medicine works its best by reducing certain substances that may cause fever, pain, or inflammation in your body which is why sometimes it may use to provide relief against menstrual pain also.