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Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. is a premier manufacturer of high-quality gels in India, committed to providing innovative and effective solutions for a variety of healthcare needs. With a strong focus on quality, safety, and efficacy, we specialize in the formulation and production of a diverse range of gels, catering to both therapeutic and cosmetic applications.

At Actiza Pharmaceutical, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of gel products, including analgesic gels, anti-inflammatory gels, antiseptic gels, and cosmetic gels. Each product is developed through extensive research and innovation, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction. Our team work diligently to create formulations that are not only effective but also easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

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    ActizaPharma: Global Player in Pharmaceutical Gel Production

    Actiza Pharma is marking its footprints all over the pharmaceutical market as a prominent player in the production of medicinal products, including gels. We have specialized in manufacturing and delivering all kinds of pharmaceutical gels. Some key features of our company are mentioned below;

    Expertise in Gel Technology – The high-tech advancements and in-depth knowledge have guided our company in expertising the production of gels. We formulate our gel using advanced polymer technology, which ensures stability and optimal viscosity. We thicken the goal and maintain its consistency using carbomers as gelling agents.

    Author: Nilesh Mendpara, with a Master’s in Pharmacy degree and more than ten years of experience, has expertise in this industry, including gel manufacturing.

    Comprehensive Product Range – We offer a diverse spectrum of gels that cater to various therapeutic needs and deliver effective results in the respective treatment.

    Global Reach – We have set our footprints globally in around 50 countries and have reached a respectable position in the pharmaceutical market, which will pave the way for us to achieve pioneering achievements. 

    Quality Assurance and Compliance – We adhere to stringent international regulations like GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), WHO-GMP, etc and implement rigorous quality control measures at every stage of production, from collecting raw material to final product testing.

    Case study – With our topical gels treating various skin-related issues, the overall recovery result is commendable. Many patients dealing with persistent dermatological problems have reported improved and recovered skin after using our gels. For more insights, you may refer to the customer reviews from the link below.

    Significance of Gel Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Sector

    On account of its high versatility and various applications in different dosage forms, gel manufacturing is a substantial component of the pharmaceutical sector. The gel is a semi-solid substance that is extensively utilized for treating external diseases like skin infections, etc. The route of administration of gel is through absorption through the skin and body surface. Gel-based pharmaceutical products include painkillers, ointments, and creams that work effectively in affected areas. The gel comes in various formulations with advantages such as stability, sustained release, viscosity control, thermoreversibility, pH compatibility, film formation, and personalization. These key features make gel manufacturing an important aspect of research and development in the pharmaceutical sector.

    Market Overview of Gel in India

    Market Size and Growth

    In India, the pharmaceutical gel market is valued at approximately USD 300 million in the previous year and is increasing every year by a huge increment. The growth rate of this market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 8-10% in upcoming years.

    Segment Analysis

    There are different types of pharmaceutical gels covering a wide range of areas for treating various ailments. This includes topical gels (relief gels, anti-inflammatory gels, antifungal gels, and dermatological gels), oral gels, and nasal and vaginal gels.

    Distribution Channels

    These gels are mostly bought from pharmacies and drug stores, having around 60% of the market share. Other than them, the gels are mostly distributed through hospital pharmacies and online pharmacies.

    Regulatory Environment

    Before entering the market, the gels go through rigorous regulatory approvals by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO). Compliance with quality standards is imperative and non-negotiable as it ensures the efficacy and safety of the product.


    The market is highly competitive, with numerous key players sharing the market share. Along with this, the price plays a major role in the industry as one must manufacture cost-effective gels to get noticeable buyers. The regulations sometimes hinder production, putting a challenging path in front of companies.

    Future Outlook

    The continuous research and development in this sector of pharma science is leading the market towards pinnacle growth. It helps the market expand and brings new solutions to the table, enhancing business growth opportunities.

    Why pick Actiza Pharma over others for the production of gel?

    Actiza Pharma is a top-notch pharmaceutical company in India due to its quality, affordability and innovative manufacturing processes. Some key features justify why Actiza Pharma is a preferred choice for the production of gel.

    • WHO-GMP Certification: Ensuring high standards of quality and safety
    • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Enabling efficient and cost-effective production.
    • Global Presence: We have set our footprints in nearly 50 countries across the globe, earning ourselves a respectable position and name in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Research and Development: Leading to groundbreaking treatments and advancements.
    • Certifications and Accreditations: We hold certifications and licenses, including ISO 9001, WHO-GMP standards.
    • Wide Range of Products: We offer a diverse range of pharmaceutical products, including various gels that treat various therapeutic areas.

    How gel is manufactured?

    First and foremost, active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients like gelling agents like carbomers and preservatives are selected for preparing the formulation. The procedure starts with a gel base, which involves hydrating the gelling agent in a solvent such as water and thoroughly mixing the components. Then, active ingredients are incorporated and homogenized to achieve a smooth consistency. To enhance the gel’s properties and ensure stability, preservatives and stabilizers are mixed into the mixture. Quality control testing is done on the mixture to make sure that the gel meets international standards. The gel is filled into containers and packed for distribution.

    Quality Control Measures taken by Actiza pharma

    Actiza Pharma implements rigorous quality control (QC) measures to ensure the safety, efficacy, and consistency of its pharmaceutical products.

    • WHO-GMP Certification
    • Quality Control Laboratory
    • Checking of raw material
    • Analytical Research & Development and Quality Assurance methods
    • Health & Safety Policy
    • Meeting international standards while manufacturing products
    • Regular Audits and Inspections

    Summary of Key Insights

    Actiza Pharma stands out in pharmaceutical gel production, offering a diverse range of high-quality gels supported by modern technology, extensive research and development, and rigorous quality control measures. The company adheres to international standards such as WHO-GMP, ensuring product safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products. Actiza Pharma’s strong global presence, with operations in nearly 50 countries, and its commitment to innovation and affordability make it a preferred choice. The Indian gel market is rapidly growing and driven by health awareness and technological advancements, with Actiza Pharma well-positioned to meet diverse therapeutic needs and navigate the competitive landscape.

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