AntiMalarial Drugs

Product/Composition Strength Category View
Artemether And Lumefantrine Tablets 20mg + 120mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Artemether And Lumefantrine 40mg & 240mg Tablets 40mg + 240mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Artemether And Lumefantrine 80mg & 480mg Tablets 80mg + 480mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Artesunate 100mg Tablet 100mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Artesunate 200mg Tablet 200mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Artesunate And Amodiaquine Tablets 100mg + 270mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Artesunate And Amodiaquine 100mg + 270mg Tablets 100mg + 270mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Artesunate And Amodiaquine 50mg + 135mg Tablets 50mg + 135mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Artesunate And Amodiaquin Tablets 100mg + 270mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Artesunate 50mg Tablet 100mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Atovaquone And Proguanil Tablet 250mg + 100mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Chloroquin Phosphate 250 Tablets 250mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Chloroquin Phosphate 250mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Chloroquine Phosphate 250mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Chloroquine Phosphate 500 Mg 500mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
MEFLOQUINE AND ARTESUNATE TABLETS 220mg + 100mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Primaquine 15mg Tablets 15mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Primaquine Tablets 7.5mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Pyrimethamine, Artesunate And Sulfadoxine Tablets AntiMalarial Drugs View
Product/Composition Strength Category View
α-β Arteether Injection 75mg, 150mg, 300mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Artemether Injection 80 mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Artesunate Injection 60mg, 120mg AntiMalarial Drugs View
Artesunate Injection 120 Mg 120 mg AntiMalarial Drugs View

Antimalarial Drug Manufacturer in India

It is very exciting to know that how exactly Actiza Pharma has become one of top pharmaceutical exporters, suppliers and manufacturer in India. However, gradually it has gained appreciation and recognition in India and overseas for retaining a huge foundation and associated pharma products, which are completely run with a motto of delivering first-rate healthcare solutions to the Indian citizens at the best-possible costs. Our pharmaceutical medicines by Actiza Pharma, has developed increasing demand of the international market which has become one of the best-known Antimalarial Drug Manufacturers in India. As an Antimalarial supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India and worldwide we guarantee for highest quality and security. Our pharmaceutical company has been certified with GMP, EU, and WHO.

Role of Antimalarial Drug Manufacturer in India

Being one of reputed Antimalarial exporter, manufacturer and supplier in India we supply medicines according to the international standards. Our pharma company has been in the pharmaceuticals industry since 3 decades. We have established the pharma production with the help of innovative intermediates since longer time ago with our certified office in India. Our pharma manufacturing unit is licensed with ISO compliant in pharmaceutical segment. We also run manufacturing at EU-GMP, WHO-GMP and USFDA, and many approved sites. We operate our services almost various states and nations within Asia. Our company is equipped with innovative technologies and highest experienced professionals all over Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing and all Regulatory Services and Compliances areas like Raw Materials, API Manufacturing with modern technologies, Finished Formulations/ BA/ BE Studies. Our firm is a top producer of supplying wide-ranging products and services to reputable international organizations that ensure our clients they will get at very cost-effective rates plus, high quality and dependable services. Our firm is engaged in manufacturing the most excellent-quality of Pharmaceutical Products. Our wide ranging products include like Pharmaceutical Injection, Pharmaceutical Tablets, and Pharmaceutical Capsules. The major compositions and elements are used in the processing of these medications which are obtained directly from genuine vendors in the marketplace as well as they are strictly examined several factors by our specialists that guarantee for quality and originality. Our medicines are perfect due to their great efficiencies and better quality which have established a great reputation in the market. Because of their strong strategy on high-quality upholding of their whole manufacturing procedure also the invented medicines which have been approved by W.H.O. All our products are popular for precise composition, appropriate pH value, higher shelf life, and they are 100% safe to use. Our company offers the pharma products which are much-admired by the customers due to their freshness and quality which are also widely utilized for anti-malarial and other disorders. A strong infrastructure and professional teams deliver unrivaled products to the clients. Their executives choose potential vendors after proper study and research based by seeing current market scenario. The company is engaged in importing, manufacturing, trading, and exporting with a comprehensive array of pharmaceutical formulations to their customers. Their high-tech Manufacturing unit checked by their vibrant production system that allows them to devise the medicines with the help of GMP, WHO, and FDA quality standards. Our expert team of highly competent specialists maintains important factors like cleanliness, hygiene and side effects of the products throughout the formulation method.

Best Anti-Malarial Drug Manufacturers

We are reputable anti-malarial medicine supplier Actiza Pharma is committed to its resources and proficiency in R&D to produce high-quality anti-malarial medications. Our generic anti-malarial drug comprise of chloroquine, Primaquine, and Artemotil, and etc. Our medicines are manufactured with the supervision of our top-notch manufacturing service which is approved by WHO-GMP and US FDA. Thus, if you choose as anti-malarial pharma suppliers, so, you will be guaranteed to obtain the top product quality.

Anti-Malarial Drug Exporters

Actiza Pharma is only and one of prominent anti-malarial medicine vendors and wholesalers in India and they are popular for its greatest production of exports worldwide. Our pharma company exports our anti-malarial drug in India and all over world. We know the value anti-malarial medicines particularly in the world and our great possible efforts help to make these medicines cost-effective for all so, that nobody can be ignored by health.  
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