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Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality suspensions and syrups in India. Our advanced manufacturing facilities adhere to stringent quality control protocols, ensuring that each product meets international standards for safety and efficacy. We offer a diverse range of liquid formulations, including antibiotics, antacids, cough remedies, and nutritional supplements. Each product is developed through rigorous research and development, ensuring high bio availability and patient compliance. Committed to customer satisfaction, manufacturing solutions such as private labeling and contract manufacturing. Actiza Pharmaceutical for reliable, innovative, and effective suspension and syrup formulations.

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    Actiza Pharma: A Global Leader in Suspensions & Syrups Manufacturer

    Actiza Pharma is a distinguished global leader in the manufacture of pharmaceutical suspensions/ syrup, ensuring the quality and efficacy of the product. Let’s have an in-depth look at this;

    • Product Range

    We have a diverse range of products in both categories, suspension and syrup, treating various ailments due to their highly effective properties. These medicinal formulations are stable, reliable, and full of therapeutic effectiveness.

    • Certifications and Accreditations

    Our company, Actiza Pharma, adheres to strict international laws that include the WHO (World Health Organization). We implement GMP, which allows us to ensure the safety and potency of our products.

    • Manufacturing Facilities

    We are well equipped with high-tech machinery and advanced technologies, which open room for the production of suspension/syrup along with quality standards.

    • Global reach

    We have set our footprints globally, embarking on an exemplary journey by delivering our medicines and products in around 50 countries.

    • Research and Development

    We invest our keen time and money in research and development, which help us look for innovative ideas while manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

    The Indian Suspension & Syrup Manufacturing Market: A Profitable Landscape

    Here’s a nuanced overview of the Indian manufacturing market for suspension/syrup, which will ease the understanding of Indian markets and production units.

    • Total market size– The total Indian pharmaceutical market was valued at approximately USD 42 billion, with suspensions and syrups contributing significantly last year.
    • Growth rate – The market in India is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 11% in upcoming years.
    • Revenue contribution – The suspensions and syrups market contributes an estimated 15-20% to the total pharmaceutical formulations market in India.
    • Production volume – India is well equipped to produce billions of units of suspension and syrups, fulfilling demands internationally.
    • Regulations – The Indian pharmaceutical industry is regulated by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), which ensures the quality and safety of products as per international standards.

    Research and Development

    For any pharmaceutical company, research and development are crucial steps to stay in the race by bringing in new products, processes, and technologies. This results in scientific research, technological development and experimentation to fulfil certain objectives and add innovative methods to the market. There are some key areas of focus, including bioavailability, stability and taste masking of formulations, high-technological advancements, and ensuring regulatory compliance and safety through rigorous trials and pharmacovigilance. These efforts bring out high-quality products that meet or exceed international standards.

    Manufacturing Process of Suspensions and Syrups

    To manufacture suspensions and syrup, the company needs to ensure product quality, efficacy and safety. All the raw materials, like APIs and excipients, go through rigorous checking and quality assurance methods that confirm their safety and efficacy.

    The manufacturing process begins with the dissolution of sugar to make syrup, which is done by using a high-shear mixer that can dissolve high concentrations of sugars at preferred temperatures. This is a way to eliminate the need for heating and cooling, saving time and effort. Then, the syrup is hydrated with certain ingredients, and the mixture is blended to get a uniform viscosity. To get a smooth and homogenous product, the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are dissolved in the syrup. The end product goes through rigorous checking to confirm its safety and efficacy before reaching the customers.

    How do you import Suspensions & Syrups from India?

    The following steps show the fundamental requirements for importing medicines and pharmaceutical products, including suspension and syrups, from India.

    • Understand the regulatory requirements of India. Companies should familiarize themselves with the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) before exporting their products.
    • Handle import documentation and certificates to experience smooth customs clearance processes.
    • Establish efficient and reliable distribution channels to ensure timely delivery to end destinations.
    • Maintain optimal storage conditions at every stage of the supply chain to preserve product efficacy and quality.
    • Stay updated on evolving pharmaceutical regulations and compliance requirements to avoid any hindrance during shipments.

    Why Choose Actizapharma for suspension & syrup manufacturing?

    Here are some key features justifying why actiza pharma stands out as a preferred company for suspension and syrup manufacturing.

    Quality focus – Our company is determined to focus on quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process, complying with cGMP regulations and incorporating rigorous testing procedures.

    Expertise in suspensions & syrups – We are experienced and knowledgeable in formulating and manufacturing these pharmaceutical products, which allows us to deliver top-notch quality products.

    Regulatory compliance – We operate under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and other regulations such as WHO-GMP standards. These guidelines confirm the safety and potency of the products.

    Quality Control Measures at Actiza Pharma

    At Actiza Pharma, we follow imperative measures to maintain the quality of the products and make them more efficacious.

    • WHO-GMP Certification
    • Quality Control Laboratory for inspection of every manufacturing process
    • Checking the quality of raw material
    • Analytical Research & Development and Quality Assurance methods
    • Health & Safety Policy
    • Meeting international standards while manufacturing products
    • Regular Audits and Inspections
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