Nimesulide And Paracetamol Tablets

Product/Composition:- Nimesulide And Paracetamol Tablets
Strength:- 100mg + 325mg
Form:- Tablets
Production Capacity 10 Million Tablets/Month
Packaging:- 10 X 10 Tablets / Box, 50 X 10 Tablets / Box
Therapeutic use:- Analgesic
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request

Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets are the prescribed medicine which has been used as a pain reliever. Due to the presence of various ingredients this tablet is widely used to provide relief against various pain like mild migraine, headache, dental pain, muscle pain, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and other painful menses. Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets manufacturers in India with the sake to provide the Best pain reliever medicine to their patients.

Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets Manufacturers

Actizapharma is known as the leading Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets supplier as they are known for supplying this medicine to every part of the country. It is a pain reliever and pain reliever tablets are mostly demanded by every individual to meet this demand we are known for supplying this medicine to almost every Pharmaceutical company. Being a very reliable company we are recognized as the trusted Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablet manufacturers. To meet the current demands we are known for manufacturing and supplying Nimesulide and Paracetamol in bulk quantities.

What are Nimesulide and Paracetamol ?

Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets are FDA-approved prescribed medicine known for providing relief against various pain caused due to mild migraine, headache, dental pain, muscle pain, osteoarthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis. It is a very effective medicine that is also sometimes used by women to take relief from period cramps as it is an effective pain reliever.

Benefits of Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablet

Nimesulide and Paracetamol are very beneficial for individual who is suffering from pain caused in different parts of their body for a very long time. Apart from providing relief against mild to moderate paint these tablets are also widely used for the treatment of period cramps by women which is why it is used during menses. Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablet provide the beneficial result by blocking the release of substances that is the main cause of such pain.


The right dosage of taking Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets will largely depend upon the suggestion given by your physician order based on the kind of pain you are suffering. These tablets are available in various strengths so based upon the recommended dosage given by a doctor you should take this medicine. Nimesulide and Paracetamol is an orally prescribed medicine that needs to be taken at the scheduled time to enjoy long term benefits from it. The most ideal time to take it is after taking your meal.

Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets wholesale

If you are having a retail Pharmaceutical store and you are looking for authentic Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablet wholesale seller then Actizapharma is the right place as you will be able to get your desired medicines in bulk quantity from them. Win the manufacturer of the wholesale quantity of these tablets we are also known for exporting this tablet to other countries which is why we are recognized as the most trusted Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets exporters.

Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets side effects

Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablet is considered to be the safest pain relievers Medicine available on the market because it is an FDA-approved prescribed medicine for people. Because of its authenticity, there is no risk of taking this medicine but like any other medicine, it is also having some mild Side Effects which may disappear after certain usage. Some of the common side effects of using Nimesulide and Paracetamol are as follows:

  • Itching
  • Allergic reaction
  • Heartburn
  • Swelling in face
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting etc

Where to buy Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets online?

Are you someone who is looking for the most reliable and most prostate pain reliever tablet on the market? So we suggest you buy Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets. If you want that your medicine delivered conveniently to your place and for that, you are looking for a trusted farmer suitable company to buy Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablet online then Actizapharma is the company you need to trust. We are known for supplying various prescribed and non-prescribed medicine to our patients at their doorstep with easy delivery so that they will be able to get their medicine conveniently at their place.

Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets review

Check The authenticity of any website or any medicine review plays a vital role. Most of us check the reviews of a particular product or medicine before buying it. Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets reviews presented on the Actizapharma website show that this website is known for delivering the safest and original Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tables to their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I stop taking Nimesulide and Paracetamol once my pain is relieved?

Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets are generally known for short-term usage only and most doctors suggested that you can continue this medicine once your pain has been relieved.

What are the common contraindications associated with Nimesulide and Paracetamol?

Before starting using this tablet you must Bell well about its contraindication as various doctors suggest that anyone who is allergic to the ingredient present in it should stop continuing this medicine. All the patients who are allergic to non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are suggested to not consume Nimesulide and Paracetamol.

What is the prescribed storage condition for Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets?

Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablet are known to be kept in the back container and the container should be tightly closed so that it will safeguard itself from the outer environment. It should be stored as per the instruction given on the label and also make sure that it should not be consumed by children or pets.

Do Nimesulide and Paracetamol help with menstrual cramps?

Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablets is an effective pain reliever medicine and apart from providing relief against mild migraine, headache, dental pain, muscle pain, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Nimesulide and Paracetamol Tablet also helps a lot to get relief from period cramps.

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