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Actiza pharmaceuticals is a well-known anti-HIV and antiviral drug manufacturing company. We are well aware about how Anti-retroviral (ARV) therapy is an essential weapon to fight against HIV/AIDS. Hence, we are giving our best to manufacture and supply high-quality generic ARV treatments at affordable rates to patients around the world.

We are US FDA and WHO-GMP approved anti-retroviral and anti-viral drug suppliers and thus you can be assured of genuine product quality. The manufacturing process is carried out at our world-class manufacturing facility which makes use of state-of-art technology to produce the
best medicines.

Leading Anti-HIV and Anti-Viral Drug Exporters

Today, the world is witnessing its peak of deadly viral infections and diseases. From herpes, hepatitis, and HIV-AIDS to relatively new infections like COVID-19, the list of diseases is never-ending.

As a result, the world needs adequate supply of anti-retroviral and antiviral drugs at affordable prices. As antiviral and anti-HIV drug wholesalers and exporters, Actiza pharmaceuticals takes the responsibility to make these medications available for all.

Our elaborate export network is spread across USA, UK, Africa, South East Asia, Australia and Gulf countries. We are well known for our undefeated on-time deliveries and family-like customer support. As a result, our business as anti-HIV and anti-viral exporters has multiplied by many folds over the years.

If you are also looking for a supply of genuine antiretroviral and antiviral drugs, you can feel free to contact us.