Cholera Vaccines Injection

Product/Composition:- Cholera Vaccines Injection
Form:- Injection
Strength:- 1.5ml
Production Capacity 1 Million Injection/Month
Therapeutic use:- Antiviral, Anti HIV
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request


The World Health Organization recommends the use of cholera vaccines in combination with other measures among those at high risk. With the oral vaccine, two or three doses are typically recommended. A single dose vaccine is avaliable for those traveling to an area were cholera is common. In some countries an injectable cholera vaccine is available.

Oral ,Dukoral: vial of inactivated vaccine with packet of sodium bicarbonate buffer.The oral vaccines are generally of two forms: inactivated and attenuated.Inactivated oral vaccines provide protection in 52% of cases the first year following vaccination and in 62% of cases the second year. Two variants of the inactivated oral vaccine currently are in use: WC-rBS and BivWC. WC-rBS (marketed as “Dukoral”) is a monovalent inactivated vaccine containing killed whole cells of V. cholerae O1 plus additional recombinant cholera toxin B subunit. BivWC (marketed as “Shanchol” and “mORCVAX”) is a bivalent inactivated vaccine containing killed whole cells of V. cholerae O1 and V. cholerae O139. mORCVAX is only available in Vietnam.

Bacterial strains of both Inaba and Ogawa serotypes and of El Tor and Classical biotypes are included in the vaccine. Dukoral is taken orally with bicarbonate buffer, which protects the antigens from the gastric acid. The vaccine acts by inducing antibodies against both the bacterial components and CTB. The antibacterial intestinal antibodies prevent the bacteria from attaching to the intestinal wall, thereby impeding colonisation of V. cholerae O1. The anti-toxin intestinal antibodies prevent the cholera toxin from binding to the intestinal mucosal surface, thereby preventing the toxin-mediated diarrhoeal symptoms.