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Embark on a journey with Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd, your trusted partner in delivering premium pharmaceutical products from India to Indonesia. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities integrate advanced technology and top-notch facilities, ensuring unparalleled precision and consistency in every production run. Committed to exceeding global benchmarks, we implement rigorous quality control protocols to guarantee the efficacy and safety of our offerings for the Indonesian market. At Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd, our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence enables us to provide tailored and innovative solutions that address Indonesia’s diverse healthcare requirements. Count on us for reliable, high-quality medicines that empower healthier lives.

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    Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd: A reliable source for Healthcare in Indonesia

    In the pharmaceutical industry, we stand out as a leading manufacturer of various medicines and products. We are deeply committed to providing good service and clever solutions to our partners. This will ensure better health all over Indonesia. We use advanced tech, cutting-edge R&D, modern manufacturing facilities, and more. They raise the quality of our products. We aim to deliver affordable and quality pharmaceuticals, improving the health of the citizens of Indonesia. 

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing capacity of India

    The manufacturing capacity in India is sufficient enough for providing the pharmaceutical globally. Here are some insights about the manufacturing unit;

    • India has the highest numbers of FDA approved manufacturing plants. There are 3000 pharma companies. They have over 10,500 plants that constantly make pharmaceuticals.
    • India is the biggest provider of generic medicines in the world. It has a 20% share of the global market in volume.
    • The country is the leading vaccine manufacturer and supplier in international market. We share 60% of total market of vaccines globally.

    Contribution of Indian Pharmaceutical Industries to Indonesia’s Healthcare Sector 

    Indian pharmaceutical industries play a crucial role in Indonesia’s healthcare sector. They provide affordable generic medicines, making healthcare more accessible.

    • Affordable Generic Medicines: We provide generic medicines at pocket-friendly prices which makes it convenient for every group of people to buy drugs in Indonesia.
    • Innovations and R&D: Our Company pay utmost attention to research and development which leads us to innovative findings about medical science.
    • Market Presence: The Indian pharmaceuticals have huge presence in the market with its qualitative products and affordability.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Adhere to Indonesia’s stringent regulatory standards, ensuring high-quality medicines.

    Innovative manufacturing through R&D

    We believe in investing highly in research and development, which not only improves our manufacturing processes but also helps find innovative methods. Our dedicated and expert team works relentlessly in R&D and brings up new formulations in pharma science.

    • We make better drugs. We spend our time and money on research. We do this so that we can make new formulations to meet the patients’ needs. We aim to revolutionize the pharma world.
    • We continuously work to improve our medicines in terms of safety and potency.
    •  The in-depth research and development help our company become a pioneer in the pharma world.

    Top-Class Manufacturing Facilities

    The only thing that can make a medicine top-notch is the manufacturing process of it. To advance our manufacturing unit, we have included many advanced technologies. We follow the international guidelines throughout manufacturing. The guidelines are set by GMP and WHO. They ensure the quality and efficacy of the product. Let’s dive into these facilities individually;

    • We have included advanced machinery and modern tech. They let us make pharmaceuticals consistently and precisely.
    • The assurance of quality is key. All drugs and medical products have to meet strict measures. These measures ensure safety and potency.
    • Our manufacturing department is filled with skilled and qualified people. They have experience and expertise in pharma science.  

    Manufacturing process

    We make sure that we adhere to all international regulations at every stage of the manufacturing process. We first begin by selecting high-quality raw materials from reliable suppliers after checking their authenticity and safety. Then, the expert team of the manufacturing unit carefully develops the formulation for each drug. They use precise measurements and modern equipment. This reduces the human interaction with the sensitive formulations. The finalized formulation is then packed securely and safely and stored in sterile containers. They are labelled with the necessary information and delivered within time. 

    Range of products We Manufactured for Indonesia

    At Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd, we make many medications. They come in different forms and types. These include Painkillers, Antibiotics, Anti-cancer drugs, Diabetes drugs, ED meds, Kidney products, and more.

    The list of forms and formulations is given below;

    • Tablet
    • Capsule
    • Injection
    • Creams / Ointment
    • Drops
    • Gel
    • Suspension/syrup
    • Nasal Drops/Sprays
    • Infusion
    • Inhaler
    • Lotion

    Why would Indonesia choose Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd for manufacturing pharmaceuticals?

    There are certain aspects which make a pharmaceutical company stand out in the industry. Our company has achieved these aspects, making it a good choice for buyers.

    • Top-notch quality– We follow all the international quality measures, making sure we deliver safe and effective drugs to the market.
    • Innovative methods– We put a lot of effort into researching and developing the formulations and manufacturing methods. This allows us to bring new innovations to the pharmaceutical market globally.
    • Regulatory – We employ rigorous measures from WHO, GMP, etc, while manufacturing any drug, ensuring it is completely safe for humans.

    Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

    Our company, quality assurance and regulatory compliance are imperative aspects of manufacturing.

    • Conformity to World Health Organization established standards.
    • We have ISO 9001 Certification. It shows our commitment to quality management principles.
    • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ensure that products are made and controlled to keep them safe, potent, and effective.
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