Rasburicase Injection

Product/Composition:- Rasburicase Injection
Strength:- 6mg
Form:- Injection
Production Capacity 1 Million Injection/Month
Therapeutic use:- Anti Cancer
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request

Today, Rasburicase Injection has saved the lives of many patients who were suffering from cancer and renal disorders. It controls the uric acid level in the blood and urine. Thus, a patient will not suffer from complications arising due to high uric acid levels in their body. Currently, it is the most prescribed injection by general physicians, oncologists, and Nephrologists across the globe. Rasburicase Injection reviews are the best to read if you are your family members have to take this injection.

Rasburicase Injection Manufacturers

You can find many authorized pharma partners manufacturing Rasburicase Dose to meet the global demand from the healthcare market. It will help if you can check Actizapharma.com to find the authorized channel partners. It helps Rasburicase Injection suppliers todistribute them in a proper medical channel. Thus, they can avoid black marketing and control the prices of Rasburicase Dose.Themajor pharmaceutical companies of this world are manufacturing this essential medicine to supply them to their region and under-developing countries. 

What is Rasburicase Injection?

Rasburicase Injection comes under the enzyme drug class of medicine in allopaths. The legal status of this medicine is by doctor’s prescription only. Its route of administration is via Intravenous infusion by qualified and experienced medical practitioners only. The World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines approves Rasburicase Dose. In the USA, it is a Food and Drug Administration-approved drug to treat renal failure and certain types of cancer patients. A patient needs to take this injection for a week to dilute o normalize the uric acid levels to 3.5 to 7.2 mg/dl.

Rasburicase Injection benefits

Rasburicase Injection has multiple treatments and cures in humans. Leukemia patients benefit from treating their adverse condition within a week of taking this injection in a course. Patients with lymphoma could control the uric acid level to the normal level, which was higher than 476 UM. Rasburicase Dose has helped to treat tumor lysis syndrome or (TLS). Rasburicase Injection price benefited most of the patients as they could buy this medicine online at an unbelievable price. Today, patients can buy this injection from retail and online medical markets.


Oncologists and Nephrologists determine the doses of Rasburicase Dose on the following factors. They check the patient’s age, body weight, height, the present state of health, and past medical history. Patient needs to take lab tests on their blood and urine too. Thus, your doctor will prescribe the right Rasburicase injection dose to normalize the uric acid level in your blood. The half-life elimination cycle of this injection lasts for 18 hours. Thus, 1 injection per day for a week is recommended to treat patients with renal failures and chemotherapy patients.

Rasburicase Injection wholesale

Peopleinterested in the pharma businessmust check Rasburicase Injection wholesale on Actizapharma to buy this essential drug from an authorized medical partner. It is because; Rasburicase Dose distribution is regulated in the world healthcare market. Thus, allied partners, licensed druggists, online pharmacies, and retail, medical shop owners must buy from authorized medical wholesalers.

Where to buy Rasburicase Injection online?

Patients and caretakers can buy Rasburicase Injections online from trusted channels like Actizapharma. You can buy this essential medicine 24/7, 365 days online, for quick and same-day delivery. It will help if you can check the prices of Rasburicase Dose and buy from the least e-store selling medicines. Yet, online pharmacies do ask for a doctor’s prescription to send doorstep delivery for online buyers.

Rasburicase Injection Review

Many patients were able to buy this injection online and offline. These are happening as the Rasburicase Injection distributors distribute via Actizapharma to the regulated medical market to avoid similar or duplicate Rasburicase Dose in the healthcare system and serve global communities. Many patients have given excellent ratings to this life-saving medicine, as they do not go to the next stage to do dialysis. Taking this injection in a course did not cause any side effects in many adult patients. This medicine is also proven in pediatric use.

Quality assurance

Rasburicase Injection manufacturers in India have passed quality assurance tests after conducting various lab tests in animals and, later on, humans. They have also tested for a contraindication not ruled out for anyone with G6PDH deficiency. Today, the patent of Rasburicase Dose is over, and many pharmaceutical giants are manufacturing and finding Rasburicase Injection exporters to reach all continents of this world for better health and avoid mortality rates due to the non-availability of this life-saving injection.

Frequently Asked Questions

My uric acid in my blood is 3.5 to 7.2 ml; does it need Rasburicase Injection now?

A uric acid level of 3.5 to 7.2 ml in the blood is average. Yet, your doctor will decide whether to give Rasburicase Dose or not as per your recovery and overall health conditions. Yet, this injection is considered in a weekly dose daily as an Intravenous infusion.

How long do I need to take Rasburicase Injection? 

Rasburicase Dose is given to stabilize uric acid levels in the blood. Physicians usually recommend a weekly 1 injection per day to the patients. It is given as per body weight, height, and concentration of uric acid above the normal level.

Is Rasburicase Injection a chemo medicine?

Yes, Rasburicase Dose comes under chemo treatment for any patients suffering from hematologic cancers. Oncologists use this injection as a combination medicine to treat such patients.

Are Rasburicase Injections good for children?

Yes, doctors prescribe Rasburicase Dose in lower doses to normalize the level of uric acids in children. It is a proven drug by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for pediatric use.

Do I get a permanent cure after taking Rasburicase Dose in a course?

Yes, you will get a permanent cure if you follow the doctor’s advice after medication with Rasburicase Dose. Yet, your doctors will recommend uric acid tests in blood and urine to see if the uric acid level is normal. You might only need Rasburicase Injections once uric acid levels have risen in your body.