Cefixime DT 200Mg Tablets

Product/Composition:- Cefixime DT 200Mg Tablets
Strength:- 200mg
Form:- Tablets
Production Capacity 10 Million Tablets/Month
Packaging:- 10 X 10 Tablets / Box
Therapeutic use:- Anti biotic/ Anti infective/ Anti fungal
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request

Cefixime DT 200 Mg Tablets are particularly helpful in eradicating many bacterial infections. Cefixime is a top-rated medication that also incorporates cephalosporin antibiotic content and kills infectious bacteria in the body. It is used to cure different types of infections, although it is recommended and certified medicine by registered clinical industries.

Who Manufactures Cefixime DT 200 Mg?

Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most powerful medicine manufacturing industries that have stepped towards formulating or creating the Cefixime DT 200Mg medicines. As Cefixime DT 200Mg Manufacturer in India, we always do our best to provide superior quality drugs to the customers. We aim to continue to provide excellence and accuracy in the medicines so that they can meet people’s standards and needs every time. As one of the manufacturers of the top medicines, we stand out in the market because of our precision, trust, loyalty, and faithfulness in the pharmaceutical industry.

What is Cefixime DT 200Mg Tablet?

Cefixime DT 200Mg Tablet is an ideal medicine that belongs to an antibiotic medication family, even though the medicine treats a variety of bacterial infections in the body. The medicine includes Cefixime as its active compound in the drug, which is responsible for treating various bacterial infections in the lungs, throat, airways, nose, eyes, ears, tonsils, urinary tract, urethral infections, skin, and many more. This medication is also effective in curing typhoid fever and gives people peace of mind after getting rid of infections in the health system. Our chief Cefixime DT 200Mg Exporter has made this medicine to help people fight severe infectious diseases in the body immediately. It is a safe medicine to provide an ideal choice for all people who are badly suffering from infections. If you are looking for an option to save your life from bacterial infections completely  Cefixime DT 200Mg works. The medications are the perfect alternative to give a stress-free mind as it eliminates infections from your life.


When you are recommended to take Cefixime DT 200 Mg tablet, then you should be very aware of its instructions daily. Generally, the medicine is prescribed for one-time consumption in a day. Drinking enough water after taking the medication and consuming the pills with water is essential. Overdose is strictly prohibited, one takes medicine within two days of gaping without skipping a dose.

Major Benefits of Cefixime DT 200Mg

The medicine of Cefixime DT 200Mg is very accurate medicine to provide a complete ridden of bacterial infections in the body, such as skin, eyes, ears, chest, nose, bones, throat, and more. In addition, Cefixime DT 200Mg tablets are antibiotics and amazingly cure other conditions, including Sinusitis, Pharyngitis, Tonsillitis, Bronchitis, and Pneumonia. We are a certified Cefixime DT 200Mg Supplier who started to supply or distribute medicines to eliminate bacterial infections in the body. Therefore, choose Cefixime DT 200Mg tablets for better and infection-free survival.

How does a Cefixime DT 200 Mg tablet treat your infections?

Cefixime DT 200 Mg tablet is a group of antibiotic drugs which is also a third-generation cephalosporin, including ceftriaxone and cefotaxime. Cefixime is extremely constant in the existence of enzymes called beta-lactamase. Thus, various organisms oppose penicillins and cephalosporins because of the occurrence of beta-lactamases, which are liable to Cefixime. As a result, an antibacterial consequence of Cefixime is that it leads to holding down mucopeptide synthesis in the bacterial cell chamber. Finally, the process obstructs the synthesis of the cell chamber of bacteria and protects people from severe infections.

Where and how to buy Cefixime DT 200 Mg?

It is a completely effortless process to buy Cefixime DT 200 Mg tablets through Actizapharma. This very reputable online medicinal vendor takes orders the medicines directly from Cefixime DT 200Mg Distributor. On the other hand, all our medicines are available at the cheapest rates. You can also get the option of Cefixime DT 200Mg Wholesale, where people can purchase the medications at discounts. Once you click on order to place, we are confirmed and will send you a mail of buying confirmation of the medicine from our site. After that, we will start processing your product and preparing it for shipping. Ultimately, we reach your products to your doorstep in 48 hours only.

Warnings & Precautions

Cefixime DT 200 Mg tablet should be only taken after your physician prescribes it. People with other health problems should not take medicine until they consult a doctor. Don’t feel panic while taking the tablets. Avoid junk foods while the medicine consumption. Also, don’t take other medicines with Cefixime DT 200 Mg tablet.

Cefixime DT 200 Mg Review

Our Cefixime DT 200 Mg Review section has been designed for users who want to know deeply about our products. Thus, we are the best platform to give all the answers to your queries regarding medicines. Whenever you want to know more about our past users and new users of the medications, then our review door is always open for you, and you are welcome anytime you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Cefixime DT 200 Mg Tablet while breastfeeding?

No, when you start taking Cefixime DT 200 Mg Tablet, either you have to discontinue breastfeeding or nursing your child or avoid this medicine while breastfeeding. Because taking medicine with continue during nursing, your child can cause diarrhea to your child.

Can I drive if I have consumed Cefixime DT 200 Mg Tablet?

No, after taking Cefixime DT 200 Mg Tablet, you should not drive your cars, otherwise, it can provide side effects such as altered consciousness, confusion, and more. Thus, don’t drive and work in machinery while taking Cefixime.

Can I consume alcohol with Cefixime DT 200 Mg Tablet?

There is no such information provided that Cefixime DT 200 Mg can interact with alcohol. But still, you should avoid drinking alcohol because that may also cause severe adverse side effects, so try to avoid alcohol consumption as much as possible.