Ofloxacin 400Mg Tablets

Product/Composition:- Ofloxacin 400Mg Tablets
Strength:- 400mg
Form:- Tablets
Production Capacity 10 Million Tablets/Month
Packaging:- 10 X 10 Tablets / Box
Therapeutic use:- Anti biotic/ Anti infective/ Anti fungal
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request


Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets are used to treat certain ranges of infections in the body such as lungs, skin, throat, urinary tract, typhoid fever, eye/ear, bone, joint, pneumonia, and many more. It is one of the top medications that fight against all bacterial infections in the human body. To buy Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets, visit an official portal and make your order for the medicines.

Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets Manufacturers

Ofloxacin 400Mg Tablets have been successfully manufactured by the well-reputable Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets Manufacturer in India called Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. We are a chain of Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets Exporter, so we ensure to supply the Ofloxacin 400Mg medicines according to health needs always. As an Ofloxacin 400 Mg Supplier, supplying these medications in huge quantities will help vast numbers of people worldwide get rid of severe bacterial infections in their bodies. Being a topmost Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets Distributor, we have a large stock of Ofloxacin 400Mg drugs, which are supplied worldwide. We distribute the medicines to door-to-door online vendors where the consumers can buy the medications from there only. We have set Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets Price is very minimal so that it can be affordable to anyone.

What are Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets?

Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets have a great ability to fight against entire bacterial infections in people’s bodies. However, it is extremely helpful for curing bodily infections in different body parts such as the lungs, skin, ears, eyes, stomach, chest, urinary tracts, kidneys, joints, bones, etc. The medication belongs to a group of antibiotic medications that will relieve patients of various types of body infections. The best thing about the Ofloxacin 400Mg Tablets is that they will assist them in preventing the expansion of infections in the body. Our vast range of Ofloxacin 400Mg medicines is intended to provide the effective treatment of bacterial infections. If you want a treatment solution for such infections, then you can choose Ofloxacin 400Mg pills.

Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets Benefits

Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets work incredibly in the body as it kills all kinds of infections, and people can live peaceful life always. Due to infections, people suffer from various types of health conditions due to infections, and thereby, Ofloxacin 400Mg Tablets come up to bring a superior infectious-free solution to people’s lives. Its main benefit is to cure your physical infections from the root and makes your life better and bacterial-free. To get excellent solutions to get relief from bacterial infection, it is better to pick Ofloxacin 400Mg Tablets only.


Once your doctor decides that you need Ofloxacin 400Mg Tablets, you can start taking it daily. The medicine can be taken before and after meals. Most people find it better to consume the medicine with a glass of water. Physicians mainly advices on this drug intake twice a day, but sometimes it depends on person to person how many doses they need. Take medicine as much as it is recommended by doctors only. Remember taking medicine with an overdose can spread infections, so, better not to repeat the dose. If you forget its dosage, better take it after sometimes or if you understand anything, talk to your doctors immediately. The medications are advisable for daily consumption.

Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets Wholesale

We know that Ofloxacin 400Mg Tablets are important for those struggling with infectious diseases in their body, and that is why keeping this point in mind, we have encouraged the Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets Wholesale, where you can buy the medicines completely at cut-off rates. Our Ofloxacin 400Mg Tablets are coming at very cheap and affordable costs so that everyone can purchase them and always meet their medicine demands.

Where to buy Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets online?

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Ofloxacin 400 Mg Tablets Review

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Quality Assurance

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is ofloxacin good for kidney infection?

Ofloxacin aims to treat all bacterial infections in the body, and it is good for the kidney and cures severe infections in the kidney. Thus, the medication is good for kidney infections.

Is there a generic for ofloxacin?

Ofloxacin is approved by FDA and comes with a classification of quinolone antibiotic, which is widely utilized to treat various types of bacterial infections in the body. Its generic version is Floxin and Ocuflox, which are similar brand-name medicines.

How long does ofloxacin take to work?

Ofloxacin works to kill bacteria in the body and eliminates infections. After taking this medicine, you can get its proper effective action in 2 days, although ofloxacin can treat the infections within 6 to 7 6 weeks.

What type of antibiotic is ofloxacin?

Ofloxacin is mainly a medication which is called fluoroquinolone antibiotics. However, the medication acts by eradicating bacteria and stops the development of infection.