Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets

Product/Composition:- Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets
Strength:- 200mg + 500mg
Form:- Tablet
Production Capacity 10 Million Tablets/Month
Packaging:- 10X10 Tablets/Box
Therapeutic use:- Antiviral, Anti HIV
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request


Doctors will prescribe buying Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets if you suffer from bacterial and parasitic infections. It helps to cure them at a faster rate than other similar medicines in the healthcare industry. It has cured many infections in children and adults since the world health organization approves it. Read below to learn more about these antibiotic medicines.

Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets Manufacturers

Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets manufacturer in India is many. It will help if you have visited Actizapharma.com to find the patterned drug manufacturer. They have the region-wide distribution rights to deliver them to licensed wholesalers and exporters who wish to send them to other countries from India.

What is Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole?

Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole are combination medicines to cure many bacterial and parasitic infections on the skin and internal organs in the human body. They come under the quinolone antibiotic drug classification. They kill gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and never get them to grow again in the infected places.


Doctors prescribe Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole to cure gastrointestinal infections in adults. It is the best medicine to stop severe diarrhea or dysentery in children and adults. It cures many gynecological infections, particularly trichomoniasis. It helps and benefits people who have Crohn’s disease. Many prostatitis patients who are 50 plus age get cured by taking these two combination antibiotics. It benefits tuberculosis patients to recover soon when they take these antibiotics in a course. Many men and women with urinary tract infections got cured after taking this medicine. It is a proven medicine to cure infections in the lung. Sexologist prescribes Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole to treat many sexually transmitted diseases or STDs in men and women. Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets distributors are across the globe to serve retail and online partners.


The physicians will decide on the Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole dosage according to the area of infection in the children and adults. Yet, they do take into consideration of the patient’s age and body weight to prescribe the right dosage of these antibiotic combination medicines. Its half-life cycle lasts up to 12 hours with a higher dosage. Thus, a patient will be advised to take one or two tablets by maintaining 10 hours gap. Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets suppliers maintain sufficient stocks with retailers in all seasons. Yet, this medicine starts to show its effect within a few hours of taking it orally. Patients are advised to swallow the prescribed doses only. If you take a missed dose and overdose, it will cause minor to severe side effects. Patients must discuss with their doctor about taking missed doses. A patent with severe bacterial infection might have to take Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole in a course for more than 10 days. It does not have any withdrawal effect. Yet, people with kidney disorders might feel some withdrawal effects as 60% of this medicine is disposed of in urine.

Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Wholesale

Actizapharma.com is the authorized partner for Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets wholesale. Thus, other retail channels in the health care services need not worry about similar Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole or duplicates. It will help the healthcare providers not approach the underground medical market.

Where to Buy Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets online?

Actizapharma.com is trusted as they are authorized online channel partners for Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets. It would help if you could buy online if this antibiotic medicine is unavailable in your nearby medical store. The online medical channels supply the original Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole are guaranteed. The price for this antibiotic is cheaper to buy online than from retail, medical shops. Before buying, you can compare the Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets prices in retail and online channels.


It will help if you can read Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets reviews. It is the best way to know about this antibiotic if you are under medication with this antibiotic. Thus, it will clear your doubts about side effects, during pregnancy in any trimester, during lactating, and how fast it works. You can find such excellent reviews on health, medical, and consumer forums online. Real-time patients write those reviews that got treatment and get cured of some infections. Such reviews will make anyone fearing of allopathic medicine.

Quality Assurance

The manufacturer of Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets has passed various safety, Efficacy, and Bioequivalence tests. Initially, many tests were conducted on animals before testing on humans. It has been certified in Category B during pregnancy. It is FDA-approved antibiotic ills in the United States. Today Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole exporters send this antibiotic medicine to many underdeveloped countries as WHO has listed it in the essential medicine list. Today, it is under the list of essential medicine and approved by many courtiers with respective health departments. These QA are apart from WHO certification as some regions tested for manufacturing them in their country.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the common side effects of Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets?

Difficulty in sleeping, dizziness, feeling mild to severe headache, Itching sensation, nausea, severe diarrhea, vaginal inflammation, and vomiting are the common side effects of Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole.

Is Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole cause withdrawal effects in children and adults?

The withdrawal effect of Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets are mild only. It will not affect patients who are having high immunity than patients with low immunity.

Can Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets cure viral infections in humans?

Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole are antibiotic and anti-parasite medicines. Physicians will not prescribe this combination of medicine to cure any viral infections and diseases for children and adults.

Will doctors recommend Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets during pregnancy?

Due to cartilage toxicity, doctors will not prescribe Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole for pregnant women. A woman in the first trimester must tell their doctor they are carrying.

What is the half-life elimination time of Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets?

The half-life elimination time for Oflaxacillin and Ornidazole Tablets is from 8 to 9 hours in adults.