Lincomycin Injection

Product/Composition:- Lincomycin Injection
Strength:- 300mg, 600mg
Form:- Injection
Production Capacity 1 Million Injection/Month
Therapeutic use:- Anti biotic/ Anti infective/ Anti fungal
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request


Lincomycin Injection is an antibiotic medication that works widely utilized to treat several bacterial infections, and it prevents various infections that cause by bacteria. It is one of the top medications that help kill certain bacterial infections at once and bring a perfect life to people. To get this medicine, you need to consult a doctor, and after recommendation, you are eligible to buy it.

Lincomycin Injection Manufacturers

Lincocin Injection is one of the most renowned injections that include antibiotic agents utilized to cure severe bacterial infections in various body parts caused by several bacteria. However, if you ask how manufactures this medicine so, it is specifically designed and manufactured by Actizapharma, which is considered as world recognized Lincomycin Injection Supplier, and helps millions of people to get rid of the skin, hair and all kinds of infections in the body. With the help of Lincomycin Injection Exporter, the injections are prepared in a vast platform scientific-based, and all advanced technologies are implemented while manufacturing the Lincomycin Injections. Lincomycin Injection Distributor has the most significant place with all skilled staff that formulate and manufactures the medications by ensuring all medicines and injections will be passed from FDA Approval departments with quality assurance and then access the markets globally.

What is Lincomycin Injection?

Lincomycin Injection is beneficial in killing specific growth of bacterial infections, it is generally used only to remove severe infections in people in various parts of the body, such as respiratory systems, as sinusitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, and bronchitis. The injection can remarkably stop various types of bacterial infections in the body, it treats ear infections, skin infections, post-surgery infections, sexually transmitted infections, and more. The critical component of this Injection is lincomycin hydrochloride, which guarantees not to let infections grow inside the body and provides an entirely bacterial-free life. It targets multiple parts of the body and kills infections on such specific body parts. Along with this, this Injection doesn’t cure any viral types of infections, including flu and cold. Lincomycin Injection belongs to a group of antibiotic properties that are only utilized to cure severe bacterial infections among people who don’t even take penicillin antibiotics. The medication has an influencing power to stop bacterial growth in the body, and before it enters your health system, it kills bacteria at the same time.


The Lincomycin Injection uses and benefits are many and most important is that an injection helps to kill all bacterial infections in your body as well as inhibits the infection development in various parts of our body such as ear infections, eyes, infections, sexual infections, dental infections, skin infections, and others. On the other hand, this medicinal Injection is extensively utilized in different types of bacterial infections. It is quite an effective medication that fights against Streptococcus pneumonia, Staphylococcus aureusand other diseases. The particular infections comprise the ear. Throat, lung, kindly, and many other infections are treated using Injection. It also reduces the risk of getting bone and joint infections, and infections in the blood are also cured. If you are considering the Lincomycin Injection Price, it is affordable to anyone and available at very cost effective prices.

How Does Lincomycin Works?

Lincomycin is an injection that treats bacterial infections, and it belongs to an antibiotic group where it helps cure certain types of infections. The medications mainly act by obstructing the expansion of bacteria that releases and then releases essential proteins, which are all necessary for its continued existence. Thus it eliminates the bacteria. This Injections is directly injected into the muscle veins and often functions by killing and preventing bacterial growth in the body. It acts better in people if at least 600 mg is infused every 24 hours for adults. It helps by decreasing the development or often eradicating dangerous bacteria by slowing down the formation of proteins. Like this, the injections help slow down the growth of essential bacteria in the human body.


Lincomycin Injection Dose is injected into the people in their infected areas according to a prescription by a physician, and the dosages for all ages mentioned below like:

  • For Intramuscular Adults: Around 600 mg in 24 hours are infused daily. However, 600 mg is injected for the severe condition every 12 hours.
  • For Pediatric Patients: One-month-old babies are infused with around 10 mg/kg for 24 hours. If they have severe conditions, the dosage amount should be around 10 mg/ kg every 12 hours.
  • For IV Adults: 600 mg is injected between 8 to 12 hours for these patients.

Lincomycin Injection Wholesale

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Lincomycin Injection Review

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Side Effects:

  • Cough
  • Dark urine
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty with swallowing

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Lincomycin cause diarrhea?

The most common side effect that Lincomycin causes is diarrhea. So, taking this Injection, as a result, will cause diarrhea. It may affect just after one or two months after discontinuing the medicine. If diarrhea turns into blood form, avoid and contact a doctor immediately.

What does Lincomycin do to bacteria?

Lincomycin is one of the artificial antibiotic agents that help cure certain bacterial infections. And it inhibits the metabolic courses of bacteria and obstructs the formation of proteins, thus, eliminating the bacteria.

Is Lincomycin a strong antibiotic?

Lincomycin belongs to powerful antibiotics utilized if you are infected by bacteria virus. It treats various bacterial infections such as bone and joint infections, lower respiratory tract infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, and intra-abdominal infections.

How long does Lincomycin stay in your system?

The effects of Lincomycin stay in your systems for around 18 to 20 hours.