Levofloxacin Infusion

Product/Composition:- Levofloxacin Infusion
Strength:- 100 ml
Form:- Infusion
Production Capacity 1 Million Infusion/Month
Therapeutic use:- Fluid Therapy
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request


Levofloxacin solution is administered by slow intravenous infusion once or twice daily. The dosage depends in the type and severity of the infection and the susceptibility of the presumed causative pathogen. Treatment with levofloxacin after the initial use of the intravenous preparation may be completed with an appropriate oral levofloxacin presentation, in accordance with it’s SPC, and as considered appropriate for the individual patient. Given the bioequivalence of the parenteral and oral forms, the same dosage can be used. Levofloxacin solution for infusion is only intended for slow intravenous infusion; it is administered once or twice daily.

The infusion time must be at least 30 minutes for 250 mg or 60 minutes for 500 mg levofloxacin.Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are very likely to possess co-resistance to fluoroquinolones, including levofloxacin. Therefore levofloxacin is not recommended for the treatment of known or suspected MRSA infections unless laboratory results have confirmed susceptibility of the organism to levofloxacin (and commonly recommended antibacterial agents for the treatment of MRSA infections are considered inappropriate).