Ketoconazole Tablets

Product/Composition:- Ketoconazole Tablets
Strength:- 200mg
Form:- Tablets
Production Capacity 10 Million Tablet/Month
Packaging:- 10 X 10 Tablets / Box
Therapeutic use:- Anti biotic/ Anti infective/ Anti fungal
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request


Ketoconazole is a very well known antifungal medicine available in the market that is widely prescribed to be used for the treatment of various infections caused by fungus in your body. It is also very important that you should be very particular while using these tablets and only suggest to be used solely without consumption of any other antifungal medications. If you are suffering from any fungal infection then we suggested buying your medicine from Actizapharma as they are a very well known Ketoconazole supplier.

Ketoconazole Tablets Manufacturers

You will be amazed to know that, Ketoconazole the FDA Approved antifungal medicine has been manufactured by Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd, and also they are known for manufacturing various prescribed and nonprescribed medicines in the market which is why they are known as Pioneer Ketoconazole Manufacturers. You can trust us and undoubtedly as we are recognized as the trusted supplier of various antifungal medicines to treat your problem in the best way possible as all of our medicines are made up with the desired composition.

What are Ketoconazole tablets?

Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal medication which is used to treat various fungal infections caused in the different parts of your body. This medicine belongs to the azole antifungals class of medicine which is why they are known for providing effective results to your body soon after its consumption. This tablets are very effective as it starts working by treating and stopping the growth of fungus that cause infection to your nails and skin.

Benefits of Ketoconazole tablets

Ketoconazole tablets are widely used and provide beneficial results to individuals who are suffering from fungal infection in their nails and skin for a very long duration of time. Due to its efficacy, it shows its beneficial result soon after its consumption. These tablets are FDA-approved medicine so they are the safest medication to treat any fungal problems. Due to their real composition, these tablets are also known to treat fungus by stopping its growth from the root and help you to get relief from the infection.


The ideal dose of taking Ketoconazole tablets should vary depending upon the kind of fungal infection you are suffering from. owever, the right strength and Ketoconazole dose for adults is suggested by the doctor who recommends you to buy Ketoconazole tablets. These tablets are available in different strengths so depending upon the kind of infection your doctor will suggest the particular strength of the doses and it is also advisable to complete the duration of the medicine if you want to enjoy long-term benefits from it.

Ketoconazole tablets wholesale

Actizapharma is said to be the leading Ketoconazole wholesaler. They are known for supplying medicines in bulk quantity to almost every retail store in every corner of the world. Being recognized as the trusted Ketoconazole distributor we are known for distributing this tablet to its user whenever any demand is raised by them. If you want to purchase these tablets in bulk quantity then without any doubt you can trust us as we are known for delivering the products to our client’s place hassle free per their convenience. After recognizing all of the benefits provided by us as a wholesaler we can say that we are considered to be the right place from where you will be able to buy Ketoconazole tablets.

Where to Buy Ketoconazole Online?

Are you looking for an authentic supplier from where you can buy Ketoconazole online? If it is so then you have come to the right place as Actizapharma is recognized as the leading Ketoconazole supplier and a very well-known Pharmaceutical store online from where you can order you’ve prescribed a non-prescribed medicine as per your preferred choice. We take your order without showing your personal information on the site and deliver your product to your doorstep conveniently and Hassle free.

Ketoconazole Tablets Review

Ketoconazole review which is mentioned on the Actizapharma website says that it is one of the most effective antifungal Medicine available with them and is known for treating your infection in a very short period. Most hits user says that this medicine works its best without providing any hazardous side effects to your body as it is FDA Approved medicine so it is safe to be used.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Side Effects of Ketoconazole?

It is advisable to consult your nearby doctor if you have found out any science of allergic reaction or any symptoms of side effects to your body. Following are some of the symptoms of Side Effects that may cause after the consumption of This medicine:

  • Dizziness
  • Chest pain
  • Fever
  • Severe skin reaction
  • Weakness or tiredness
  • Stomach pain etc.

While Taking Ketoconazole What should I avoid?

It is always advisable to not consume alcohol if your doctor has suggested you take Ketoconazole tablets to treat your fungus. These tablets are also causing you to sunburn easily so avoid going in sunlight if you need to go under sunlight then it is advisable to use sunscreen with SPF 30.

What are the Common Drug Interactions?

Sometimes different medicine changes the effectiveness of Ketoconazole, so if you want to get rid of this problem then you must be well aware of its drug interactions. Various medicines can affect it so you must tell your doctor about the herbal products and other vitamins you are taking so that he will tell you its possible drug interaction.

How to take Ketoconazole tablets?

Ketoconazole is an orally prescribed FDA approved medicine. It is known for oral consumption only. As per the suggestions given by the doctors you can take these tablets by swallowing them with the help of a glass of water. If you want to enjoy long-term benefits then it is a good idea to take this medicine after taking your meal.