Ceftazidime 1000Mg Injection

Product/Composition:- Ceftazidime 1000Mg Injection
Strength:- 1000mg
Form:- Injection
Production Capacity 1 Million Injection/Month
Therapeutic use:- Anti biotic/ Anti infective/ Anti fungal
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request


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What is Ceftazidime 1000mg Injection?

Ceftazidime 1000 mg Injection is an antibiotic injection that can also be utilized as an infusion. It is used for treating several types of bacterial infections affecting major parts of the body. For instance, it is a former bacterial treatment for the brain, skin, ear, urinary tract, soft tissues, bones and joints, heart & blood. Moreover, it is also utilized for preventing infections that may be transmitted during surgery. It stands as a strong anti-bacterial treatment that is highly effective and affordable. The main function of this injection is to fight the bacteria spreading infections & stop their growth and spread. As a result, the patient feels relief faster than usual. Also, as it kills the infecting bacteria entirely, they have zero chances to return. This prescription medication should be used under medical supervision only. If possible, get it applied by a medical professional only.

Ceftazidime 1000mg Injection Benefits

  • Kills the infecting bacteria at a faster pace
  • Easy-to-use formula via injection in the vein/muscle or as an infusion
  • Treats various types of bacterial infections (pneumonia, meningitis, skin, blood, etc)
  • Makes the patient feel better after a couple of dosages
  • Ensures that infecting bacteria are cleared entirely & don’t return anytime soon


The dosage frequency of this injection is influenced by several factors. Your doctor will guide you on how to use it & how frequently the bacterial infection to treat.

Before you use this injection:

  • Inform your doctor if you’re allergic to any antibiotics.
  • Tell your doctor if you have a history of kidney or liver diseases.
  • If you’re a woman, inform your doctor about your pregnancy or breastfeeding conditions (if applicable).

How to use Ceftazidime 1000 mg Injection?

This injection is applied in two ways. Firstly, it is directly used as an injection. Secondly, it is used as an infusion. Ceftazidime 1000mg is injected into the muscle or vein as indicated by your healthcare provider. Usually, the frequency of its application is 8 to 12 hours. However, the number of injections to be used & their frequency will be decided by the doctor as per the underlying health conditions.

Side Effects of Ceftazidime 1000mg Injection

The side effects of Ceftazidime 1000mg Injection are as below. Make sure to find medical attention if any of these negative symptoms grow adverse. Inform your medical care provider about them immediately.

  • Swelling
  • Redness of skin
  • Pain/sensitivity at the injected site

Here are some adverse effects that may require medical help soon.

  • Fatigue
  • Bruising/bleeding
  • Muscle spasms
  • Mood swings
  • Shivering/shaking
  • Confusions
  • Seizures
  • More/less urination
  • Dark urine
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomach/abdominal pain

Here is something you should know besides the above-mentioned effects. In rare cases, patients witness serious intestinal conditions called C – difficile. This usually happens after the treatment period ends. You may suffer from uncontrollable diarrhea, severe stomach cramps, blood or mucus in the stool, etc. These signs indicate this rare side effect. Reach out for medical attention as soon as possible if it happens to you.

Warnings & Precautions

  • Ceftazidime 1000 mg Injection is a prescription drug. Don’t use it without consulting the doctor. Also, if you are unsure about using it properly then seek medical guidance.
  • Diarrhea is one of the most common side effects of this medicine. So, don’t worry if you get loose motions after beginning your treatment. However, if you feel weak after consistent diarrhea conditions then find medical help.
  • Inform your doctor if you don’t find any improvements in the symptoms after the treatment period.
  • Make sure to complete your treatment with this injection even if you start feeling good after the first couple of dosages. Your symptoms may bounce back in adverse conditions if you leave the treatment incomplete.
  • Don’t drink alcohol while undergoing treatment with this medicine. In case you cannot let go of alcohol then ask your doctor if you can limit its intake.
  • Stop using this injection after your suggested treatment period ends. You may find abuse potential if you keep using it longer.

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Ceftazidime 1000mg Injection Review

“When I look back & recall the times of suffering with persistent pneumonia, I don’t feel good at all. Ceftazidime 1000mg Injection was prescribed later & I finally got rid of this disease. Who would not be happy after bidding goodbye to heavy sinus and pneumonia that used to reappear every winter? I think this medicine is very reliable for anyone who may have similar symptoms as me.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the treatment duration with Ceftazidime 1000 mg Injection?

Your overall treatment period with this injection will vary according to the type of bacterial infection. So, find medical attention if you’re willing to use this injection anytime soon.

What is the Ceftazidime 1000 mg Injection price?

This injection is priced affordably but the quantity you buy, the vendor you buy from & availability of discounts, etc influence the total budget. Feel free to buy this injection at the best rates here with us.

Who is the best Ceftazidime 1000 mg Injection manufacturer in India?

Frankly, we don’t care about the best manufacturer for this medicine as we’re committed to delivering top-class Ceftazidime 1000mg Injections. So, if you’re willing to go with the best-priced & finest quality injections, we’re Ceftazidime 1000mg Injection manufacturer in India.