Cefixime DT 100Mg Tablets

Product/Composition:- Cefixime DT 100Mg Tablets
Strength:- 100mg, 200mg
Form:- Tablet
Production Capacity 10 Million Tablets/Month
Packaging:- 10 X 10 Tablets / Box
Therapeutic use:- Anti biotic/ Anti infective/ Anti fungal
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request

We may buy Cefixime DT 100 Mg to cure the bacterial infection and get cured too. Cefixime is the most prescribed antibiotic medicine at the global level. Find the full details like Cefixime manufacturer, benefits, dosage, reviews, and frequently asked questions on Cefixime DT 100 Mg tablets.

Cefixime DT 100 Mg Manufacturers

Cefixime DT 100 Mg manufacturer in India many. It is advisable to visit Actizapharma.com to find the patterned drug manufacturer. They have the region-wise distribution rights to deliver them to licensed wholesalers and exporters who wish to send them to other countries from India.

What is Cefixime DT 100 Mg?

Doctors prescribe Cefixime DT 100 Mg as an antibiotic medicine. It comes under the cephalosporin antibiotics drug classification. It cures more than one bacterial infection in humans. This medicine helps to kill the bacteria thoroughly or will stop spreading the bacteria and kill them wholly. The patients will not find further spreading. It is used as antibiotic medicine for children six months and above and adults in varying doses. Cefixime DT 100Mg suppliers serve this antibiotic to a licensed druggist in a channelized distribution to see sufficient stocks is there in the healthcare service providers.

Cefixime DT 100 Mg Benefits

Cefixime DT 100Mg to treat ear, throat, and nose bacterial infections. It benefits from getting healed as it will stop pain and burning sensation too. This antibiotic is the best to treat infection in the respiratory tract. Cefixime benefits most people suffering from an infection in the urinary tract. It also helps to treat many sexually transmitted diseases due to bacteria. Cefixime DT 100 Mg distributors are available in urban and rural areas to serve all types of communities in health care services.


The doctors decide on the Cefixime DT 100 Mg as per the area of inspection in the human body. Yet, they do consider the patient’s age and body weight to prescribe the right dosage of this antibiotic medicine. Its half-life cycle lasts up to 12 hours. Thus, a patient will be advised to take one or two tablets by maintaining this time gap. Yet, this medicine starts to show its effect within a few hours of consuming it orally. Patients are advised to take the prescribed doses only. Otherwise, it will cause minor to severe side effects. Patients must discuss with their doctor about taking missed doses. A patent with severe bacterial infection might have to take Cefixime DT 100Mg in a course for more than ten days. It does not have any withdrawal effect. Yet, people with kidney disorders might feel some withdrawal effects as 90% of this medicine is disposed of through urine.

Cefixime DT 100Mg Wholesale

Actizapharma.com is a trusted channel for Cefixime DT 100 Mg wholesale. Thus, other retail channels need not worry about similar Cefixime DT 100Mg tablets or duplicates. It will help the healthcare providers not approach the underground medical market.

Where to buy Cefixime DT 100Mg online?

Actizapharma.com is trusted as they are authorized online channel partners for Cefixime DT 100Mg tablets. It is advisable to buy Cefixime online if this antibiotic medicine is unavailable in your nearby medical shop. The online medical stores supply the original Cefixime DT 100 Mg tablets are guaranteed. The price for this antibiotic is cheaper to buy online. You can compare the Cefixime DT 100Mg price in retail and online channels.


Patients are advised to read Cefixime DT 100 Mg reviews if they are under medication with this antibiotic. Thus, it will clear your doubts about side effects, during pregnancy, during breastfeeding, and how fast it works. You can find such excellent reviews on health forums and consumer forums online. Real-time patients write those reviews from across the globe. Such reviews will make anyone fearing of allopathic medicine.

Quality Assurance

The manufacturer of Cefixime DT 100Mg tablets has passed various Safety, Efficacy, and Bioequivalence tests. Initially, tests were conducted on animals before testing on humans. It has been certified in Category B during pregnancy. It is FDA-approved antibiotic ills in the United States. Today Cefixime DT 100 Mg exporters send this antibiotic medicine to underdeveloped countries as WHO has listed it in the essential medicine list. Today, it is under the list of essential medicine and approved by many courtiers with respective health departments. These QA are apart from WHO certification as some regions tested for manufacturing them in their country.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Cefixime DT 100Mg the best to treat viral infections like cold and flu fever?

No, Cefixime DT 100Mg does not cure any viral infections. It is a WHO-approved drug to treat many infections caused by bacteria in the human body. It is antibiotic medicine only.

Which is better, taking Cefixime DT 100Mg after food or before food?

Doctors usually recommend taking Cefixime DT 100 Mg after food. Yet, it will not cause any side effects or slow down the result if you take them before food too. Yet, the doctor advises their patient to take plenty of water when they are medicating with this antibiotic medicine.

Is Cefixime DT 100Mg the best antibiotic medicine in this world?

Yes, Cefixime DT 100 Mg is one of the best antibiotic medicines prescribed to cure many bacterial infections in children and adults. Yet, Cefixime DT result differs with patients and their present state of health.

What are the side effects of Cefixime DT 100 Mg antibiotic tablets?

The side effects of Cefixime DT 100Mg vary with the patient’s age and present state of health. The most common side effect is feeling allergic. Other minor side effects are

  • loose motion
  • feeling pain in the stomach
  • headache
  • vomiting after taking this tablet

Is Cefixime DT 100 Mg safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding? 

Pregnant women and lactating mothers are the best to tell their doctor while in consultation. They will reduce the Cefixime doses if necessary. Yet, there is no proven evidence that this antibiotic is unsafe during pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers.