Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets

Product/Composition:- Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets
Strength:- 200mg + 125mg
Form:- Tablets
Production Capacity 10 Million Tablets/Month
Therapeutic use:- Anti biotic/ Anti infective/ Anti fungal
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request


Many antibiotic medicines are there in the medical market. Yet, Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets are prescribed by doctors as combination antibiotic medicine in allopaths. It helps in treating diseases in the kidneys, ENT, and gonorrhea. You can Buy Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets from online medical stores. It is an affordable antibiotic tablet when compared to other similar antibiotics.

Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets Manufacturers

The Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets Manufacturers in India are many as they have many trade names. Actizapharma.com is the only channel to buy from the top ten manufacturers. They are licensed and authorized pharmaceutical majors to export and give in wholesale and region wise distribution of this combination of antibiotic tablets.

What are Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets?

Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets are combination tablets prescribed as antibiotics by registered physicians globally. It is an oral pill available in various dosages. Its bioavailability is 30 to 50%. Cefixime comes under the third-generation cephalosporin drug classification. Clavulanic Acid comes under the β-lactamase inhibitor drug classification. Clavulanic Acid helps to activate Cefixime fully such that the combination will help stop the growth and kill the bacteria from the infected area. It also helps to stop spreading the infection. You can learn more about this combination medicine by reading reviews of these tablets. It is because they have many trade names.

Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets Benefits

After taking Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets for a few weeks, adults suffer from urinary tract infections. It helps treat typhoid fever within a few days of consuming this combination. It benefits adult patients with lung infections. This tablet heals ear infections in children and adults. This antibiotic is the best to cure many bacterial infections on the skin. People with tonsils have seen faster results after taking these antibiotic tablets. The prices of these antibiotic tablets are affordable for any patient who needs to consume them in a course.


Every doctor who prescribes Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets to a patient gives the proper doses. They depend on a patient’s body weight, present infection stage, and present state of health. A highly bacterial infected patient will have to consume this combination of antibiotics in a course. They may have to consume lower doses even after the patient feel the infection is cured. Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets’ price is comparatively affordable compared to similar alternatives. It is advisable to take these tablets as prescribed by your doctor. Over dosage can cause mild to severe side effects. It will be better to consult with your doctor when you have to take missed doses. Your doctor may lower the dosage if you have renal failure and feel allergic.

Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets Wholesale

Doctors most prescribe This tablet to treat bacterial infections. Thus, Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets Wholesale Actizapharma.com are majorly brought from the manufacturers of this combination medicine. The pharmaceutical primary Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. gives regional distribution rights such that it will see sufficient stock there. Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets Distributors are supplying them in the proper channels in the healthcare industry.

Where to buy Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets online?

Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets suppliers are in online and retail medical markets. You can trust Actizapharma when this combination antibiotic is unavailable in your region. When your doctor prescribes this medicine, it will be better to check with a nearby pharmacy. Today, most modern clinics do have a medical store attached to them. It will be easier to buy from the clinic you are taking treatment. When you buy online, you will get the original Cefixime, and Clavulanic Acid Tablets manufactured recently. The price of This tablet varies in online medical stores and your nearby medical shop.


The pregnant and breastfeeding mothers have revived that they have not been prescribed Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets. Adult people with some kidney disorders said they had not been prescribed This tablet as their excretion is via kidneys, and they cannot be consumed by any patient with infections in the urinary tract. Many patients have reviewed that its side effects are less severe when compared to other antibiotics. Many patients across the globe have reported in health forums the cheap and the best antibiotic to cure more than 1 bacterial infection in humans.

Quality Assurance

Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets were tested in animals first before the WHO did not use this combination as an effective antibiotic to cure many bacterial infections. They have received quality assurance certificates from various medical councils and quality accreditation at regional and global levels. It is why Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets exporters are meeting the antibiotic medicinal demands of the needy courtiers. It is advisable to check with your Ministry of Health directions for the usage of these combination antibiotics in health care services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long it takes Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets to kill bacteria?

This antibiotic medicine will start working within n hour of your swallow. Yet, it will take days to cure 3-days to cure ear, skin, and throat infections. It will take a week to cure an infection in the urinary tract in adults.

What is the storage requirement for Cefixime Tablets?

Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets manufacturer in India advise storing a room temperature. It is advisable to store it in a home fridge during the summer as it must be below 30 degrees Celsius. It would help if you did not turn your fridge cooling control beyond 15 degrees Celsius.

Can pregnant and lactating mothers take Clavulanic Acid Tablets as antibiotics?

Pregnant ladies and lactating women must consult with their doctor first. They will decide on These tablet doses or not prescribe them during this stage.

Is it ok to stop taking Cefixime and Clavulanic Acid Tablets in-between when I feel good or get cured of bacterial infection?

Taking the This Tablets prescribed in a course by your doctor will be better. It will take some time to completely kill the bacteria from the infected area. Moreover, it must not spread too.