Antibiotic Exporter in India

Among India’s top-rated Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities, Actiza Pharma is a well-established pharmaceutical manufacturer of generic and ethical medicines.

Our organization considers meeting the social liabilities, maintaining our core values, and increasing social support further than business intentions.

We are a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities that perform this job without any inequity and endeavor to boost the quality of the medicines.

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In a very short time span, we have crisscrossed the Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle-East, Sri Lanka, Africa, CIS countries and many more.

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Product Lines

With over 2000 products across more than 20 categories, we offer you depth and variety

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We fulfill every requirement: SOPs, BSE, TSE, COO, Mol, CoA, CoPP, GSDP, FIFO

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Hour Turnaround

We guarantee 24hrs turnaround for all RFQs with a dedicated team for overseas trade.

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Media Coverage

Our researches and achievements have grown popular among media channels and other niche platforms.

Why Choose Us

We are mainly committed to

Manufacturing and offering the finest-quality generic drugs and most up-to-date pharmaceutical formulations.

We offer top-quality pharma products to all our retail marketplaces. Hiring all advanced technology and the newest pharma for formulation growth and manufacturing

Sticking to WHO-GMP regulations in manufacturing common and top-quality medicines We ensure our customers of dependable, timely and strong service and support.

We also ensure that the requirements of our end customers are fulfilled by offering them the accurate product and the best possible price.

We also look that all our dealings are in order with our great values, Vision and mission.

We offer

Straightforward, crystal clear and equally valuable corporations for distributors and customers

International business prospects for all our products and bespoke products and packaging according to the contract manufacturing requirements.

Over 100 healthcare products and various new formulations. We are committed to up-to-date units to provide a wide range of drugs and health products.

A team of expert chemists and professionals to expand and authenticate new formulations to cure many diseases Beneficial and effective PCD Pharma license business opportunities for the local market

We Experienced

We have experienced more than 10 decades in manufacturing and allocating various generic and brand medicines.

Above 50% of whole earnings from global operations and with an inspiring yearly development of more than 30%.

Export of products to over 30 countries worldwide.

Regulatory approvals from different international regulatory establishments.

Different awards and recognitions for our best quality and service at the international level

Trustworthy and committed personnel, such as highly knowledgeable and dedicated pharma specialists, technocrats, manufacturing and logical chemists.

We manufacture various generic and branded drugs in all sectors and dosage forms. Our manufacturing industry is well-equipped with the up to date devices and methods to optimize the quality of every product. We have cautiously chosen our product combination, comprising different niche products to cure chronic and acute health problems. Our medicine ranges are unique and all manufacturing services are flawless. Our product packaging is also carefully inspected and adapted to guarantee every product’s constancy, security and efficiency. All our product ranges go through a sequence of testing and analysis at the testing, manufacturing, and post-marketing phases.

All our pharmaceutical ranges are superior and gives 100% solutions to everyone to meet all health demands and needs with the easiest process

Actiza Pharma is a well-renowned Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities in India; we continuously cultivate new products and dosage forms to include in our preferred portfolio of best-quality pharmaceutical products. A thorough category-wise list, comprising the list and details of every product, is provided for your prepared orientation.

The determined efforts, hard work, and commitment of ACTIZA PHARMA facilitate come with various products portfolio that has comprised a wide range of therapeutic lists, including hypertension drugs, anti-malarial drugs, anti-diabetic drugs, gastrointestinal medicines, health supplements and more.

Our Company constantly positions with new altitudes to keep up with worldwide trends in technology and study, its values and objectives of positively influencing stable human health.

The Company is often rewarded and familiar at various national and worldwide levels for top quality, efficiency and patient-centric attention.

A Prevailing Vision drives us.

Our Vision is to give all the best caliber and reachable healthcare products by adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) terms.

We Don’t Only Make; we Produce

Our research-oriented pharmaceutical company delivers the latest solutions to universal health problems.

We Always Listen

We truly listen to the requirements of our customers and give customized solutions that meet the customer’s wish list.

We commit and meet yours

We offer safe delivery options on time.

We offer Value

We offer reliable customer value with our good quality and affordable pharmaceutical formulations. Our loaded product portfolio incorporates many therapeutic formulations and health products.

We value our people.

We are an energetic team of experts committed to quality healthcare. We always value our people and assist them raise together with our business. A group of professionals, scientists and skilled professionals organized in every stage of the manufacturing and allocation procedure.

We build long-lasting Partnerships with our clients

A spotless customer preservation record is evidence of our dedication to partnerships that allow our customers to develop their businesses.

We Take Care of the Environment

We aim to leave a nominal ecological footprint and make an environmentally friendly business model.


We associate with the top in business to allow us to meet our delivery targets at the best possible costs or investment.

We are Persistently Efficient

We use the latest cost-effective technologies for an inclined and well-organized pharmaceutical business model.

Actiza Pharma strictly follows a strong quality control procedure that implements at every stage of the production method, from the acquirer of APIs to the allocation. The best Standard Operating Procedure is firmly executed to meet cGMP terms made by the National and International Regulatory Units. Our laboratories are well-fitted with state-of-the-art and essential equipment and experienced staff. Our QA and QC experts ensure that standard rules are followed and that product quality is accomplished. Thereby, testing and assessment processes are performed in a restricted environment to guarantee the products’ safety, effectiveness, transparency and power before they get to the end users.

Actiza Pharma has applied the standard Good Documentation Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Laboratory Practices, and Monitoring guidelines throughout manufacturing. We also move forward to increase quality standards with the help of our best research activities that keep customer contentment in mind. A recognized Quality Management System (QMS) supports us in promoting product quality at every production stage.

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