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In Iraq, Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes by delivering high-quality pharmaceutical products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and rigorous quality control processes ensure that every medication meets international standards of safety and efficacy. We provide a diverse range of medications tailored to address the unique healthcare needs of the Iraqi population. Through strategic collaborations with local healthcare providers and regulatory authorities, we aim to enhance access to essential medications and support Iraq’s healthcare infrastructure. Actiza’s commitment to excellence and innovation underscores our role as a trusted pharmaceutical manufacturer in Iraq, contributing to better health outcomes and ensuring the availability of reliable treatments for all Iraqi citizens.

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    Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd: Leading Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturer for Iraq

    With expertise and experience in manufacturing medicines, our company has a leading portfolio in the pharmaceutical sector globally, especially in Iraq. Our expert team of professionals works towards the enhancement of drugs and products through research and development. The innovative methods emerge from the in-depth research work, which allows us to manufacture drugs in a more efficient and better way. This not only helps in enhancing existing drugs but also in new formulations of medicines. For Gulf countries like Iraq, we work diligently towards the medical sector by providing affordable and quality pharmaceuticals to every needy patient. We have envisioned supporting and promoting a healthy life in Iraq by fighting every common and chronic ailment.

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing capacity of India

    India has numerous manufacturing capabilities for both domestic and international pharmaceutical markets. Let’s uncover the insights regarding the drug manufacturing capacity of India;

    • The country manufactures generic drugs, OTC medicines, vaccines, etc, in bulk. It accounts for a major percentage of vaccine production and generic medications.
    • India provides low-cost vaccines, which are 60% of the total market share, especially for Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis (DPT) and, Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG), measles vaccines.
    • With sharing 20% of the global market for generic drugs, we lead the market by this significant volume.
    • We have more than 3000 pharmaceutical firms and 10500 manufacturing units that USDA approves. The US FDA units have a skilled workforce and advanced technologies that catalyze the manufacturing processes in an efficient way.

    Reference Linkhttps://www.investindia.gov.in/

    Contribution of Indian Pharmaceutical Industries to Iraq’s Healthcare Sector

    In Iraq, the contribution of Indian pharmaceutical is huge and unforgettable. There are some key features mentioned below;

    • Budget-friendly prices
    • Accessibility of medicines
    • A diverse range of pharmaceuticals
    • On-time delivery and supply chain management
    • Capacity and efficiency to meet the demands of Iraq’s pharmaceutical sector
    • Stringent compliance with regulatory

    Innovative manufacturing through R&D

    The in-depth research and development help in gaining knowledge about pharma science. It enables a company to develop and rigorously test new formulations for better and more efficient treatment. We incorporate all the R&D during manufacturing processes, which, as a result, brings innovative solutions to the table.  The innovation covers the manufacturing process from selecting the raw materials to the final packaging of pharmaceuticals. This is the reason why research and development becomes imperative for every drug manufacturing firm.

    Top-Class Manufacturing Facilities

    We have inculcated cutting-edge and advanced technology into our manufacturing units to improve the quality and safety of the medicines. Our manufacturing facilities include the following things.

    • High-speed machineries
    • Integrated packaging lines
    • Non-fill devices
    • Collators
    • Multi-station tablet presses
    • Brevetti visual inspection machines
    • FFS machines

    Manufacturing process

    Inquiry and Quotation: The raw materials and other ingredients are brought from trusted suppliers. The materials are brought only after rigorous testing and thorough inquiry about the source of them. Then, the quotations from suppliers are called to have options to review the materials and select afterward.

    Formulation Development: The experienced and expert team of professionals develop the formulation with the right consistency and percentage of raw materials. The team makes sure every batch of drugs is fabricated in the same manner with high technologies and fewer human interactions.

    Manufacturing: Throughout the manufacturing processes, the regulatory guidelines are followed, set by authorities like GMP and WHO. The manufacturing unit consists of many modern facilities that ensure the safety, potency, and efficacy of pharmaceuticals.

    Packaging and Labeling: The final product is securely packaged and labeled with all the imperative information. The packaged product is kept in sterilized containers to eliminate chances of contamination.

    Why would Iraq choose Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd for manufacturing pharmaceuticals?

    There are certain key points that make Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd stands out among others in manufacturing pharmaceuticals. The beneficial pointers are listed below;

    Footprints globally: By working around 50 countries, we have gained experience in providing the best for our buyers and dealers. This benchmark has opened room for us to present our products and services in Gulf countries as well.

    Quality reassurance: We strictly adhere to international guidelines like GMP and WHO, having rigorous quality testing at manufacturing and packaging units.

    Cost effective: Our company offers a considerable price of pharmaceuticals to the buyers along with qualitative products and in-time delivery.

    Wide product range: We have a huge variety of pharmaceuticals that cover most therapeutic areas, including essential and generic medications.

    Innovation through R&D: We relentlessly invest time and money in research and development to improve ourselves and bring innovative solutions to the table. The innovative methods allow us to enhance the already existing drugs and formulate new drugs.

    Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

    Our company is diligent in following the instructions and guidelines set by medical authorities to ensure the safety and potency of the products. From selecting raw materials to securely delivering the order, we oversee all the processes properly and carefully. We believe in being transparent in front of public scrutiny, so we follow the following rules;

    • Guidelines by the World Health Organization
    • ISO 9001 Certification
    • GMP practices
    • Regular audits
    • Frequent inspections

    Our Best-Selling Pharma Product Range is secured with Intact Packaging

    The wide range of pharmaceuticals offered by Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd is efficient in covering most therapeutic needs of patients with both common and chronic health conditions. This range of ailments is given below, along with medicines.

    • Anti-viral
    • Anti-HIV Drugs
    • Antimalarial Drugs
    • GIT Medicine
    • Anti-biotic
    • Anti-fungal
    • Anti-cancer Drugs
    • Anti-diabetic Drugs
    • Analgesics Medicine
    • Anxiolytics Drugs
    • Cardiovascular Drugs
    • Nephrology Medicines
    • Dermatology Drugs
    • Anti-infective
    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Anti-convulsant Drugs
    • Fluid Therapy
    • Eye and Ear Drops
    • Hormones & Steroids

    Collaborate with us for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in Iraq and Grow Your Business!

    The growing medical needs and demands can create a hollow gap in Iraq’s pharmaceutical market. This gap can be filled with partnerships and dealerships with exporting companies from countries like India. We at Actiza, are enthusiastic about building relations with importers in Iraq, and together, the healthcare sector of the country can be enhanced.

    The partnership with us can result in the growth of both involved companies and generate a significant profitable business. Collaborating with us in manufacturing medicines for needy citizens in Iraq can serve the correct purpose of the business. Moreover, all your demands regarding your manufacturing drugs can be fulfilled by our company with the help of high technological advancements.  

    Analyst Opinion for Manufacturer India Iraq

    Customer preferences – It is shifted towards capital raising in terms of business and investment opportunities.

    Trends in the market –Capital raising and development is the latest trend in the market.

    Local special circumstances – Startups and small businesses have contributed to this trend. Thus, we can say that local special circumstances are the reason behind the growth of capital investment.

    Underlying macroeconomic factors – Driven by the oil sector and diversification efforts are underlying factors behind stable economic growth in the country.


    Data coverage: It comprises total capital raised and a number of deals.

    Modeling approach / Market size: It depends on combined data from an up-down approach from key players, industry reports, etc.

    Forecasts: Through diverse forecasting techniques, we determine the behavior of relevant markets.

    Additional notes: The market is updated two times a year as market dynamics change a lot.

    Global pharmaceutical industry – Statistics & facts

    The statistical and factual data regarding the global pharmaceutical industry is given below;

    • The total pharmaceutical revenue globally is weighed out on 1.48 trillion US dollars.
    • There are many major multinational companies in the pharma industry. The US company Pfizer is the leading company internationally, generating 100 billion dollars.
    • The industry in pharmaceutical sector expends most of R&D. The companies usually invest 20% or more on the sales revenues in research and development.

    Reference Link https://www.statista.com/t

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