Our manufacturing method occurs in WHO and GMP-licensed units outfitted with state-of-the-art systems and equipment. Every manufacturing pace is performed with the highest precision and accuracy by cautiously determining the composition. Hence, you can obtain the most authentic generics if you want us as generic medicine exporters.

The busiest contemporary life increases many health problems. These comprise headaches, vitamin deficiency, body aches, colds, and low energy levels. In addition, common health issues and life-threatening illnesses such as HIV-AIDS and Cancer are at their highest point. The well-known generic medicines made to treat such conditions are expensive and often high-priced by the people in the community. Thus, it becomes ever more essential to increase alternate generic drugs. Apart from this, having a similar effect as the branded ones, they are cost-effective and, therefore, reachable to many people. On the other hand, some pharma companies bring poor-quality generics to obtain larger profits. This obliges a severe risk to the patient’s health and questions the Pharma Community’s reliability.

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With WHO-GMP standards, We offer seamless service from the Plant registration to Development/Registration, and Commercialisation of the products globally

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    Our Significant Role as Generic Medicine Suppliers

    Actiza Pharma splits itself from the entire secure and authentic generic medications. We have good associations with doctors, pharmacists, and the expert R&D team of the customer’s companies to keep updating the manufactured medicinal products. We know that a little change in combination can cause disorder in human life. Our main objective is to make the finest-quality generic drugs accessible and pocket-friendly for the world.

    We are proud to feel that Actiza Pharma has already become a well-recognized name for exporting pharmaceutical products. We are highly answerable for cultivating, manufacturing, and promoting generic and branded medicines. It is one of the indications amongst the list of generic medicine manufacturers in India.

    What makes Actiza Pharma a market leader?

    • The ability for massive-scale production
    • Almost over 1000 products
    • Rigid Stringent World class Quality Products
    • Cost-effective at best rates
    • Good quality Packaging for Zero Damage
    • Sending to 50+ Countries
    • Delivery that has timeliness
    • Delivered to over 5000 Companies
    • Independent for modernization and development of pharmaceutical products

    Why choose Actiza Pharma for Generic Medicine Manufacturing in India?

    Generic drugs ascend for sale after the copyrights of genuine medicines run out if they meet the FDA standards. Therefore, we are one of India’s top leading generic medicine manufacturing industries, strictly following all compliances.

    Our manufacturing services strongly meet the WHO-GMP standards. We at ACTIZA PHARMA strongly follow the following limits for the manufacturing of our generic drugs that make us a well-known generic drug manufacturing company in India:

    • Top standards for testing sessions
    • Use of compounds with high effectively
    • Best quality active and inactive components
    • Leading standard in storage measures

    Top Generic Medicines Manufactured by Actiza Pharma

    We aim to distribute a wide range of pharmaceutical products worldwide, and our good portfolio for the always-growing demand for generic drugs incorporates a large scale of the top quality medications, and that also in the most reasonably priced ranges. Here is a look at our portfolio of the most sought-after generic drugs:

    • Amoxicillin Trihydrate
    • Cefixime Trihydrate
    • Linezolid
    • Dicloxac
    • Ceftriaxone Sodium
    • Tazobactam Sodium
    • Piperacillin Sodium and Tazobactam Sodium
    • Lidocaine and Ceftriaxone Injection
    • Calcium Carbonate
    • Methylcobalamin
    • Aceclofenac
    • Ofloxacin
    • Ornidazole
    • Domperidone

    Work Together With An Esteemed Quality Pharma Company | Actiza Pharma

    Are you seeking a top-notch Generic Medicines Exporter? Would you prefer the top business deal? Actizapharma is a renowned and well-known name on the platform of pharmaceuticals. We have been fully committing our work to the best quality healthcare facilities worldwide. Our company is an expert in contract manufacturing, which also comprises generic drugs. We have our individual GMP certified plants and units. Our pharma company has surpassed the customer’s requirements which always supported us in getting a name of being patient-related. We are thankful to our competent and knowledgeable Research and Development team.

    Our main focus is to offer customers affordable, best-quality, and safe options. We use advanced technology, processes, and personalities to achieve this objective. Our modern strategies, ideas, and exceptional client support at every step are the stratagems behind our brand’s reputation. We collaborate with our customers to understand and recognize their requirements and expectations.

    Our Infrastructure

    At Actiza Pharma, we deal with a widespread infrastructural system and establish to make over ideologies into realism. It involves ultra-modern and innovative manufacturing units, machinery, quality control labs, testing platforms, packaging, and shipping units. Additionally, Actiza Pharma sets-up clean surroundings to manage the ambition and objectives regarding industry standards. With our top R&D cell, we always become attentive when dealing with quality parameters.

    Our Team

    All our credit refers to the team of dedicated experts and professionals. However, they are the main people behind our achievement as a pharmaceutical company. They are skillful, dedicated, and competent enough to meet ever-increasing customers’ healthcare needs. Furthermore, we conduct training sessions for them regularly to carve their knowledge to tackle changing competition situations.

    Actiza Pharma metalized with a dream to deliver superlative Pharmaceuticals. This gracious idea and hard-working job, sincerity, and commitment of two Pharma specialists have established the point for Actiza Pharma to participate worldwide.

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