Advantages of Purchasing from a Pharmaceutical Wholesale

With modern fast-paced life, the world is currently facing major health issues. Whether chronic illnesses or day-to-day ailments, the occurrence of diseases is growing exponentially. As a result, the demand for medicines is always high in the market. However, a lot of duplicities are taking place in the pharma industry nowadays. Some retailers are selling fake medicines or hiking the prices to
increase their revenues.

Hence, as a hospital or an independent pharmacist, it becomes necessary to take time before purchasing the medicines. To grow your pharma enterprise, you might need a variety of authentic products at affordable prices. You also need an on-time supply of these products, to keep meeting the
market demands.

This is where the pharmaceutical wholesalers step in. The supply of the bulk of quality products from these wholesalers can largely simplify your business. Here are a few advantages of purchasing medicine from a
pharmaceutical wholesaler:

Most Affordable Prices

It’s true that healthcare is quite expensive for most pharmaceutical suppliers and consumers. So, if you want to cut costs, you should surely buy drugs from wholesalers. As they sell their goods in bulk, they guarantee economies of scale. Especially, the Indian wholesale suppliers set high standards when it comes to affordability. These wholesalers work hand in hand with the retailer to cater the global needs. India has the highest number of US FDA approved pharma companies, which ensures trust. The superior quality of affordable generic medicines in India is unparalleled, and you should definitely take its advantage to grow your business.

Variety & Convenience

Are you someone who has to hop from one store to another to find medicines at wholesale rates? The pharmaceutical wholesalers tend to stock their shops with different types of drugs under the same roof. This eases out your task and saves a lot of your time. With different types of drugs in their stores, you can be assured to meet every consumer’s needs.

Valuable Industrial Information

The pharmaceutical market is ever-changing. If you are not updated, you can be left behind. Wholesalers provide you valuable information on the major changes that are likely to affect the pharmaceutical

This will enable you to make prior arrangements on your buying plans. For example, if there are chances of price hikes, then you can buy the drugs in advance.

Room for Negotiation

Wholesalers usually throw in a discount or two to pharmacists who buy their products regularly. And if you are able to build a good relationship with them, they also sell medicine and other items at a much
lower cost.

This benefits the wholesalers as well, because they can retain their old customers to ensure sufficient business scopes. Thus, it creates a win-win situation for both the parties and you should definitely take its advantage.

Consultancy and advice

Most wholesalers carry huge industrial experience. So, if you maintain a good relationship with pharmaceutical wholesalers, they can offer you valuable advice on whichever subject. For example, pharmacies can guide you on how to manage your stock, your marketing strategies, and your public relations among others. You can never get such valuable insights from the retail stores.


With wholesalers, you don’t need to actually go to their shop and get your products. Most of them offer the delivery of the products. They might charge some extra fees for that, but it is far cheaper
than actually going to their place and buying your products.

This feature is particularly helpful for cross country trades. In fact, Indian pharmaceutical exporters can offer you one of the best export services paired with their high-quality pharma products.

How to Choose the Best Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

Now that you know the advantages of pharmaceutical wholesalers, you must also know how to choose the right wholesaler for your business. If you simply browse the internet, you will come across many pharmaceutical companies who claim to offer the best services. But, are all these claims

Well, not exactly. If you fail to do your bit of research and choose the wrong company, then you may suffer major losses. Here are a few points you should keep in mind while choosing the right pharmaceutical wholesaler:

Know the services that they provide

You must know about all the services that these companies provide. You should also know the countries they serve and the product categories they offer. For example, Actiza Pharmaceuticals serves more than 30 countries, which include, Gulf countries, South East Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Check the reliability of the company

Experience and authenticity matter a lot in the pharma industry. Do make sure that the company has worked with the right clients and has enough experience, before associating with them. Also, try to contact their previous customers (if possible) and get their feedback.

Product Quality

Needless to say, the company should be certified by reputed organizations, so that you can trust them with their quality. Actiza pharma is certified by WHO, WHO-GMP, US FDA and ISO 9001.


Make sure that the pharmaceutical wholesaler delivers your orders on-time. Defaults have no place when it comes to the pharma industry.

Contacts and Connections

An ideal wholesaler should have connections with multiple pharmaceutical manufacturers. This will enable the company to meet all the demands of their clients. Even better if the company has its own manufacturing unit. For example, Actiza pharmaceuticals has its world-class manufacturing facility located in Gujrat, India If you’re interested in working with Actiza Pharmaceuticals, you can feel free to Contact us. Our representatives are waiting on standby to answer your inquiries, so don’t hesitate and reach out to us as soon as possible.

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