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    Mannitol (10%w/v) And Glycerin (10%w/v) Injection


    Mannitol (10%w/v) And Glycerin (10%w/v) Injection


    250ml / 500ml / 1000ml



    Production Capacity

    1 Million Injection/Month

    Mannitol 10% Solution for infusion is indicated for use as an osmotic diuretic in the following situations. Promotion of diuresis in the prevention and/or treatment of the oliguric phase of acute renal failure before irreversible renal failure becomes established.Reduction of intracranial ,pressure and cerebral oedema, when blood-barrier is intact. Reduction of elevated intraocular pressure when it cannot be lowered by other means. Promotion of elimination of renally excreted toxic substances in poisoning.

    The general dose range is 50 to 200 g mannitol (500 ml to 2000 ml/day) in a 24 hour period, with a dosage limit of 50 g (500ml mannitol) on any one occasion. In most instances, adequate response will be achieved at a dosage of 50 to 100 g mannitol/day (500 ml to 1000 ml /day). The rate of administration is usually adjusted to maintain a urine flow of at least 30-50 ml/hour.

    Only in emergency situations, the maximum infusion rate can be as high as 200 mg/kg infused over 5 minutes (see also test dose). After 5 minutes, the infusion rate should be readjusted to maintain a urine flow of at least 30-50 ml/hour, with a maximal dose of 200 g/24h. Use in patients with oliguria or renal impairment Patients with marked oliguria or suspected inadequate renal function should first receive a test dose of approximately 200 mg mannitol/kg bw (body weight) (2ml/kg bw) over a period of 3 to 5 minutes. For example: in an adult patient with a body weight of 70 kg: approximately 75 ml of a 20% solution or 100 ml of a 15% solution. The response to the test dose is considered adequate if at least 30-50 ml/hour of urine is excreted for 2-3 hours. If an adequate response is not attained, a further test dose may be given. If an adequate response to the second test dose is not attained, treatment with mannitol should be discontinued and the patient reassessed as established renal failure may be present.


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