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    DPT Vaccine Injection


    DPT Vaccine Injection




    Production Capacity

    1 Million Injection /Month

    DTP vaccine confers immunity to diphtheria , tetanus , and pertussis. The vaccine used in the United States is actually multiple diphtheria and tetanus toxoids combined with acellular pertussis (DTaP). The original vaccine, which as of 2004 was still used in other parts of the world, contains whole cells of Bordatella pertussis , the organism that causes pertussis, better known as whooping cough.

    DPT vaccine has been associated with allergic reactions and with encephalopathy, both of which are rare but severe conditions. Other risks are common but minor. redness, irritation, and itching at injection site,fever,loss of appetite,drowsiness,irritability.

    DTP vaccine should not be given to children seven years of age or older. Moreover, children who are allergic to any component of the vaccine should not receive the drug. Because there are several different brands on the market, some children may be allergic to one brand and not to another. Because some of the bacterial cultures are grown in beef broth, the injections may be inadvisable for children who are allergic to beef. Children who have an allergic reaction after the first shot should be referred to an allergist before continuing with the DTP injections. Children who within a week after vaccination develop encephalopathy that cannot be traced to any other cause should not receive further injections. These children may be treated with DT (diphtheria-tetanus) vaccine. Also, DTP vaccine should be used with caution in patients who are receiving anticoagulant therapy. If a patient with a history of fevers and febrile convulsions is to be given DTP, the patient should receive acetaminophen at the time of the injection and for the following 24 hours.


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