Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection

Product/Composition:- Ceftriaxone Sodium
Strength:- 1000mg, 250mg
Form:- Injection
Production Capacity 1 Million Injection/Month
Therapeutic use:- Anti biotic/ Anti infective/ Anti fungal
Package Insert/Leaflet: Available upon request

Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection is an injection used to treat different types of bacterial infections. It is used to cure infections such as Joint infections, pneumonia, sepsis, urinary infections, meningitis, malignant otitis externa, vibrio infection, and pseudomonas aeruginosa infection. Ceftriaxone is given in the human body through veins, muscles, or the eye.

Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection Manufacturers 

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What is Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection?

Ceftriaxone injection is used to treat certain types of infections caused by bacteria in the lungs, stomacjointsoint, blood skin, membrane, male urinary, and female genital tract. Ceftriaxone belongs to a class of medications known as cephalosporin antibiotics.

Benefits of Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection? 

Ceftriaxone Sodium starts immediately working by killing bacteria present inside our body after we take its injection. Ceftriaxone Sodium is also in some cases given to patients suffering from illnesses of high fever, melioidosis, food poisoning, and wound infections. You will not get affected in the future easily by these bacteria after you take cephalosporin antibiotics. In any case, if you made a mistake during Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection medication, the side effects you will get are also not too major or you can say they cause very temporary diseases which can be cured in 1-2 days.

How Does Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection Work?

Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection – A multipurpose bacterial infection medication that starts working by stopping the growth of bacteria gram-positive or gram-negative by killing them through creating antibodies. Cephalosporin Antibiotics puts its efforts into different steps including repairing, dividing, and killing bacteria. Different countries are Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection exporters from their manufacturing companies to their medical stores.


According to different types of bacterial infections Ceftriaxone Sodium injections doses are taken in different strengths and according to health failure. A prescription from a doctor is the most necessary condition required before taking cephalosporin antibiotics for infections.

In an injectable solution 20mg/mL or 40 mg/mL

In a form of powder for injection 500 mg should be taken.

For bones and joint infections, 2g into vein Ceftriaxone Sodium medication should be taken every 12 hours to 24 hours.

For Gynecologic and intra-abdominal infections, 2g into a vein for 4 to 7 days is recommended to take by doctors.

For pneumonia treatment 1g into the vein in 8 hours.

In a case of skin / mild skin infections 0.5- 1g into muscle in every 8 hours.

To cure urinary tract infections 500 mg into veins or muscles every 8 hours to 12 hours.

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I am a 63 years old woman. I have been suffering from bacterial infections for more than a year. They really could not stand it and always causes itchiness on my skin. I was very depressed because of this disease because I took other medications to cure my genital tract and skin infections problems. But they don’t show any good results towards curing my disease. After I took the Ceftriaxone Injection Dose prescribed by my doctor when the other medication didn’t show positive results. Ceftriaxone Sodium medication surprisingly showed some good responses and within a month I got relief from my itchiness and my genital infections also got cured in just 15 days. I am thankful to Ceftriaxone Distributors for delivering such an efficacious injection to my nearest medical stores. If you also want to buy Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection visit directly to their online website in case it’s not available at medical stores where you can reach.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What class of antibiotics does Ceftriaxone Sodium belong to? 

Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection belongs to the cephalosporin antibiotics class of medicines.

Does Ceftriaxone come in strong antibiotics?

It is observed by an experiment and patients’ recovery that after they take Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection Dose the results they get gives success in medication due to which it became highly effective antibiotics.

Can Women in pregnancy also take Ceftriaxone Sodium?

Yes, you can take Ceftriaxone Sodium medication during your pregnancy too because this medicine is known to kill bacteria that get created when women go through their pregnancy state.

What mechanism does Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection follow?

Ceftriaxone Sodium creates cell wall synthesis and makes peptidoglycan inhibiting cross-linking.

What are the side effects of Ceftriaxone Sodium?

The side effects you get when you miss or overdose on Ceftriaxone Sodium are

  • Stomach Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Numbness
  • Allergies
  • Tingling

Do Ceftriaxone Sodium only cure one type of bacterial infection? 

No, Ceftriaxone Injection is made to treat different certain types of bacterial enzymes Ceftriaxone Injection Uses are in focusing and curing infections in joints, pneumonia, sepsis, urinary infections, meningitis, and many others.