We Aspire to:

  • Cultivate through region expansion, partnerships, globalization & further penetration through joint ventures and subsidiaries in attractive markets.
  • Develop a broad portfolio development product with non-infringing methods and become a major performer in the generics platform.
  • Appear as a top global player in the best quality, pioneering area of expertise of common formulations.

Our Core Strengths

  • We have integrated processes from the beginning to commercialization.
  • Massive manufacturing abilities for an expanded product portfolio.
  • Well-organized regulatory relationships team that guarantees market compliance.
  • Proper R&D setup for completed dosages and active ingredients.
  • Advanced technology and proficiency in specialty formulations.

Geographical Presence

Due to its powerful customer-centricity, Actiza Pharma is renowned as an international supplier of generic Antiretroviral (ARV) medicines. Our wide-ranging products are endlessly to go well with the shifting requirements of our customers. We promote over 300 products in different healing segments in over 150 countries.

We establish and set up our brands as we expand considerable strength in our selected markets. We also have strategic associations with global pharmaceutical majors to meet their formulation manufacturing requirements.

Small and large volume parenteral medicinal product formulation

In drug product formulation, where the equipment functionality is extremely reliant on the medicine type, modularization proves n important design benefit to always fulfill the requirements for both method flexibility and exceptionally on-time delivery. Our SVP and LVP modular solutions for different batch sizes that start from 13-20,000 liters are perfect for the GMP manufacture of small amount parenteral (SVP), large volume parenteral (LVP), infusion products (IV), and buffer and media planning. We offer various process vessels and their mechanization with all related peripherals, such as media supply, CIP/SIP systems, and the filling line crossing point.

Our expertise

Small volume parenteral

This processing method for small-volume parenteral pharmaceuticals utilizes fully consistent platforms based on off-the-shelf efficient components.

Large volume parenteral

This processing system is available for massive volume parenteral pharmaceuticals with the Syntegon standards to provide highly tailored solutions.

Line Integration

Wide-ranging line integration for a complete optimized plant presentation like pipe steering and material flow with corresponding processes and customized alarm functions.

Our SVP/LVP processes are well-modular and flexible options for manufacturing liquid medicines or drugs. Where advantageous, they feature a manufacturing integrated clean room design with all side-line technology outside the cleanroom in technical slides. The manufacturing part can also be isolated and work under various space classifications as necessary by the application. We deliver the utmost level of flexibility in both the draft of your room idea and the configuration of the manufacturing units.

Major features of an effective modular formulation solution:

  • Completely consistent platform based on off-the-shelf, pre-examined functional processes.
  • Combined configuration choice for the correct functionality and effective process.
  • The same automation structure backs up the entire well-designed modules.
  • Electronics, Mechanics and software combine into intellectual mechatronic units.
  • Line incorporation interfaces like pipe direction-finding and material stream with corresponding processes and tailored alarm functions.

Our top solutions are covered


For 30 years, our modular solutions have given everything essential for a highly flexible and flawlessly integrated system structure.

State-of-the-art Technology

About the project range from individual process containers and their automation to all connected peripherals such as media supply, CIP/SIP systems, and the filling line interface – our ultra-modern technology portfolio delivers n absolute, flawless solution for the preparation of small-volume parenteral (SVP), large volume parenteral (LVP), infusion products (IV), and buffer and media.


Our highly developed technology and modular design come with top energy efficiency. Our fully integrated solutions considerably decrease both operating costs and carbon marks.

The system incorporates our formulation solutions.

Our formulation processes offer everything you want for a highly flexible but flawlessly integrated system infrastructure. All our systems are met with all medical guidelines and health needs so, get the widest ranges of medicines with the formulation plant process.

SVP formulation system

Our cutting-edge SVP method is an extremely modular and flexible option for manufacturing small-volume parenterals (SVP). It has an integrated cleanroom blueprint with all side-line technology out of the cleanroom in a technical slide. The manufacturing part can be divided, and run under various space classifications, as necessary by the application. We give the top level of flexibility in the design of your space idea and the production lines’ pattern.

SVP Essential formulation system

Our SVP Essential liquid formulation system comes with 2 standardized vessels, a deviation from the flexible SVP podium. It is well-matched for the easiest aqueous option, and deferment parenteral products, the SVP Essential is mainly created for process flexibility with speedier delivery. The customer gets the accurate functionality necessary for the anticipated range of products in a visiting design that can be delivered fast, set up, competent, and invested in the operation. The SVP Essential is an apparent value proposition: GMP process flexibility with unmatched speed and practicality.

LVP formulation system

Our LVP process system implements Actiza Pharma standards to provide highly adapted options for manufacturing large-volume parenteral (LVP), infusion products (IV), and barrier and media preparations. All our medicine ranges provide the top quality of medicines with ease.

Get the finest quality medicine ranges here only. A pharmaceutical manufacturing strategies help to formulate all ranges of drugs and medicines with ease.

Cleaning and sterilization in place

Our CIP/SIP methods are created for the cleansing and sterilization of pharmaceutical methods components, equipment, and systems. The inner or outer CIP/SIP systems utilize PW, WFI, and PS, and it is an application-particular cleaning option with recirculation for the proficient use of the cleaning medium. The innovative system design ensures easy self-sanitization with unique dosage and heating/cooling systems giving a steady and consistent high sanitization quality.

Line integration

Our leading portfolio incorporates liquid pharmaceutical manufacturing methods, from pure media production to ultimate product packaging. We are thankful for the advanced engineering process with more digitalization, automation, and nonstop data flow; your whole project range is fully integrated from one foundation. Furthermore, it also comprises our advanced formulation and filling solutions: our modern SVP/LVP process system is an i

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