IV Fluids

Top Fluid Therapy Suppliers

Fluid therapy is the most widely used treatment method for critical patients. They can be lifesaving when a patient undergoes severe loss of fluids. Fluid resuscitation is required during circulatory shock or when intravascular volume depletion takes place. It helps to restore circulating volume and increase cardiac output, which in turn restores tissue perfusion and oxygen delivery.

Being one of the reputed IV Fluids Manufacturers, Actiza Pharmaceuticals manufactures one of the highest grades of IV Fluids. We understand how critical such a method of treatment is and thus, make every possible effort to ensure that the fluids are contamination-free and have the exact concentration. Our IV fluids cover every breadth of fluid therapy, namely colloids, crystalloids, and blood products. We also manufacture fluid therapy equipment along with the actual fluids.

Our manufacturing process is carried out in world-class facilities under strict monitoring. The following are some of the key aspects of our IV Fluid Manufacturing Process:

Polyethylene bottle is made from plastic granules manufactured by reputed companies.

Single-Step-Closed form-fill-seal technology is adopted to manufacture Large Volume Parenterals (LVP).

Continuous filtration of air and solution is carried out with zeta-potential charged filtration-technology.

As a result, our IV fluid therapy products get duly certified by reputed organizations like US-FDA and WHO-GMP.

Fluid Therapy Exporters

Actiza Pharmaceuticals also export their IV Fluids to various countries which include the USA, UK, Vietnam, South East Asia, Philippines, Africa, Gulf countries, and many more. We are also one of the top IV Fluids Wholesalers in India.

If you are looking for genuine IV fluid manufacturers and suppliers, you can feel free to contact us.