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Anticancer manufacturer in India

Actiza Pharma is a topmost anticancer manufacturer in India that delivers the highest-quality products. The leading pharma company has always had the best experience in the position manufacturing of Anticancer products. Actiza Pharma is a prominent manufacturer, and Anticancer products supplier in India wishes. Actiza Pharma Pharmaceuticals because of the consistency and transparency of its products.

Actiza Pharma, a reputed anticancer manufacturer in India, has done well in manufacturing and supplying oncology products worldwide. Actiza Pharma is a well-renowned manufacturer and anticancer products supplier in India, which makes it perfect for supplying anticancer products.

Actiza Pharma is also a popular anticancer Oncology products API Manufacturer in India that guarantees high quality and transparency. The rigorous quality control guarantees that every medicine set brings a reliable standard.

When it comes to manufacturing any anticancer products, so, Actiza Pharma Pharmaceutical always moves ahead. Our unremitting endeavors to become one of the top-notch Anticancer product manufacturers have made the pharma industry fetch outstanding standards, from in-depth study laboratories to protection. However, a broad array of life-saving Drugs accessible at Actiza Pharma to the premium quality Anticancer products, we utilize advanced machinery and equipment with innovative technology. Our highest standard medicines please all our customers.

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    25+ Product Types



    In a very short time span, we have crisscrossed the Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle-East, USA, Sri Lanka, Africa, CIS countries and many more.


    Product Lines

    With over 2000 products across more than 20 categories, we offer you depth and variety



    We fulfill every requirement: SOPs, BSE, TSE, COO, Mol, CoA, CoPP, GSDP, FIFO


    Hour Turnaround

    We guarantee 24hrs turnaround for all RFQs with a dedicated team for overseas trade.


    Media Coverage

    Our researches and achievements have grown popular among media channels and other niche platforms.

    Leading Manufacturer of Anticancer Oncology products

    Actiza Pharma is most well-known for manufacturing various pharmaceutical, medical, and anticancer products. Actiza Pharma is also popular for its cost-effective price range, which is suitable for everyone.

    Our primary responsibility is to give out the secured processes and deliver the 100% safest product to the customer and client. Actiza Pharma has great attention to offering customers protection to use anticancer products to our customer along with that, and we also look after our employees and all the experts who have been executing the jobs of manufacturing these oncology products at the best level. Actiza Pharma comes with some manufacturing units and plants in India where the entire methods use under the keen supervision of professionals, which makes more chances of manufacturing a flawless product with precision. Actiza Pharma persists its contribution in every pharmaceutical experience guarantees us that we will sparkle and update our firm. Actiza Pharma is one of the top Anticancer Oncology products Manufacturers Suppliers in India.

    Contract Manufacturing

    Actiza Pharma is certified with ISO 9001:2015, WHO: GMP, GLP Pharmaceuticals Company in India that offers over 1000+ finest quality Medical Products. Actiza Pharma has its manufacturing unit with various segments such as Injectable, Tablets, Capsules, Oral Liquid (Syrup & Suspension), Oral Dry Syrup, External Liquids, Soft Gelatin Capsules, Ointments, Creams, Betalactum Products, General Products, Nutraceuticals, Soaps, Shampoo, Eye Drops, Ear Drops, Oral Sachets & Powders, External Powder and Cosmetics. Actiza Pharma comes with more than 1500+ product sanctions, the newest molecules started in the industry. Actiza Pharma serves all sectors such as Gynaecology, Dermatology, Paediatric, Orthopaedic, Ayurvedic, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Ophthalmic, Critical Care, Oncology, Cardiac-Diabetic, etc.

    Manufacturing Unit

    Our manufacturing unit has been overspread in approximately 100,000 sq. ft with separate spaces for manufacturing, stores, and no process blocks.

    • Utilities, Engineering to match production service
    • Built up according to the vertical flow idea of man–material movement
    • Highly accomplished and knowledgeable technical workers
    • Spotless environmental tracking, calibration, and corroboration program
    • c-GMP amenable to the latest manufacturing machinery
    • Committed & modular labs with the most up-to-date, sophisticated equipment according to GLP regulations.
    • Automatic access control system and entirely equipped cameras
    • Separate access and exit for man, material, and service staff for both procedure blocks

    WHO: GMP Certified

    At Actiza Pharma, we utilize high-tech technology and the most rigorous working process, and we have acquired a tag for sustaining the top standards of quality. Actiza Pharma is proud to have obtained the WHO: GMP documentation from Food and Drugs Control Department.

    It’s big contentment to establish ourselves as one of the top-notch pharmaceutical companies based in India. Actiza Pharma Contract Manufacturing Division is one of the leading marketing associates of some WHO, GMP, GLP, and ISO9001-2008 certified manufacturers.

    Actiza Pharma is a prominent pharmaceutical Company. We are dedicated to offering quality products comprising a wide array of all medicine that incorporates,

    • Tabs Dry syrups
    • Capsules
    • Dry injections
    • Liquid Injections
    • Soft gelatin
    • Penicillin group
    • Cefalosporin group
    • Liquid
    • Sachets
    • Ointment/Creams
    • Neutra products etc.

    Some of the prominent features of our products are:-

    • Precise composition
    • Effective
    • Pure
    • Long shelf life

    Our Top Infrastructure

    Actiza Pharma manufacturing associates come with ultra-modern infrastructure that guarantees that our whole products are of the best quality and stick to global standards. We have a well-resourced manufacturing unit that enables us to fulfill the ever-increasing demands of the industry. Actiza Pharma manufacturing units are well-performed to guarantee competent use of resources. Our manufacturing associates have a technically sophisticated range of equipment and machinery to allow boosted production levels.

    Our Team

    Actiza Pharma has cultivated a team of skilled experts that make the back of Actiza Pharma manufacturing associates; their commitment and efforts have facilitated us to achieve a place of respect and reputation in the industry. We have endlessly achieved our business development with their endeavors and inventive strategy. Their thorough knowledge and knowledge tied with the precious leadership of our mentor guarantees the experienced and competent execution of our procedures.

    Quality Assurance

    Actiza Pharma and its Manufacturing associates intend to become a top player in the international market. To be successful in this undertaking, Actiza Pharma Manufacturing associates have fostered a team of committed quality specialists who carry out periodic tests on all manufacturing platforms, from procurement of raw materials to the formulation of the ultimate product. Actiza Pharma guarantees that our unit is cleanly maintained and development and packaging of our products are performed in disinfected environment. The strictures on which our products are quality checked out are:-

    • Composition
    • Shelf Life
    • Safety

    Our Strengths

    Actiza Pharma and its Manufacturing associates also follow business principles, a zero-acceptance quality strategy, and highly skilled teams are our strengths. We struggle to continue long-lasting associations with our clients by fulfilling their needs successfully and proficiently. The several factors adding to our success are:-

    • Highly skilled and experienced team
    • Best quality checks
    • Appropriate infrastructure and machinery
    • Fast delivery
    • Competitive Prices
    • Wide customer base

    Actiza Pharma is one of India’s leading Anticancer manufacturers, taking the initiative to manufacture all oncology anticancer products to a massive level.

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